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Perhaps because of the long-term humid climate in Taiwan, interior design has become less of a necessity to turn wallpaper into a must-have plan. However, in foreign or newspaper and magazine reports, it is often seen that the wallpaper device not only greatly enhances the finishing touch, but also can be The heroes who change the atmosphere, for example, those who like the Nordic simple style, often unconsciously put their eyes on simple color choices when purchasing living items, such as black and white, if the furniture of the home meets this element, On the most important background wall is still a gray piece, does not appear to be a big sight? Then, if you want to save some time, you might consider the option of installing wallpaper.


Finnish-based wallpaper studio Feathr, is a partner of three former colleagues in the advertising company. Anne Puukko, Tom Puukko, Oli Green Co-grouped, recently published a selection image on the websitevoteAnd cooperate with artists from all over the world, not only recruited all the good players, such as tattooists, street graffiti, etc., but also put the results on the website for everyone to appreciate. The wallpaper of their home is characterized by a 165-gram weight of non-woven paper, which is suitable for large-scale printing and can also be hanged.

They think that there is too much information in the world, and there are countless junk works. They are very happy to accept criticism and advice. All that they don't want are all appreciated. Some reviews like shit are also very good. Pursue more art, less decorative and exaggerated. "So here's to more good shit and less shit shit." - is one of the corporate purposes they mentioned. Recently, it has cooperated with the well-known surfing brand Insight, and has never missed the opportunity to create cross-border creations with various media, such as Painting, design, and even body art have shown a lot of results.

"We want some people to love what we're doing and some people to hate it." Do what you love, love what you do, the founder may also hope that everyone will continue to move in this direction!


Emerging artist Casper Heijkenskjöld


 Dave Towers


Illustrator Michael Arnold


Robin van Wijk



Otto Press



The competition will be closed 1/14 of the day, and the vote will end at 1/28. The first place will not only receive a US$5,000 prize, but the work can also be mass-produced and sold in stores.

If you want to see more works, please clickHere.

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