Free riding from Australia! Old Dutch bicycle shop Lekker in the quiet alleys of Melbourne

The trend of sports and leisure still does not fall back, whether it is Zheng Duoyan who can watch TV at home, or the yoga and Pilates who used to be old and young, and even the recently popular TABATA, it is showing The more busy the pace of life, the more people want to get rid of the almost constant life pace by the external body rhythm. Perhaps you want to get rid of not only the fat accumulated in the skin, but also the more you want to throw away. There is depression and unhappiness with the drop of sweat!


I have seen many introductionsbicycleThe brand's article, today is to look at a Dutch ancestor LEKKER, the brand founded in 1885, is said to be designed for the grandmother who loves to wear robes at the time, in order to match the overall clothing to consistent Sexual elegance, so the streamlined and simple classic LEKKER appearance was born. However, it is not enough to be able to stand in the Netherlands for a long time. Now it is extended to Melbourne, Australia. It is located in a quiet back alley. The area of ​​240 pings is not too big. It may put 10 bicycles plus The moving line space is full!

In particular, a fully open exhibition hall was set up for customers to enjoy, and they immediately jumped into the extremely comfortable saddle, and turned around in a relaxed and easy way around the lane. The original design spirit of more than 100 years has hardly changed, whether it is painted with special rust paint, highly recognizable handle shape curvature, even the frame design of the car body, and the super classic rattan basket van, even more Australia The local climate has been fine-tuned. If you are looking for an elegant street tour, or if you want to take a light mountain climbing trip, LEKKER can satisfy you all the time! Even for the addition of these new designs, a 7-day tour of Western Australia on the blog was arranged on the blog.article.























After watching these photos, maybe take a ride on your weekend when you are out on a weekend trip! Come to a small city tour, you may find a different surprise!

Shop Information:

Lekker Bikes
23 Provost Street, North Melbourne
1300 053 525

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 10am–6pm
Sat 10am–5pm


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