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In Barcelona, ​​Spain, the number of visitors has reached 3,000, which has caused many people to live on the streets. It is not just because they are idle or self-abandoning, and many people are subjected to domestic violence and middle-aged unemployment. Or a group that suffers from occupational injuries and can no longer work. The way to improve this social phenomenon is not solved by a single policy. They need appropriate assistance, counseling and placement to help them become self-reliant.


The Arrels Foundation is a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of street friends, and they partnered with advertising agency The Cyranos McCann to launch a website called Homelessfonts.org. Inspired by the unique handwriting of each individual, on the street, we often see wanderers on a cardboard, scribbling their stories or needs, so The Cyranos McCann set up a workshop to invite street friends to participate. Write down the letters and guide them to practice writing so that each font has a clear difference. Then they scan all the letters to create a font in the name of the street friend, and the designer or brand can Download and purchase on the Internet, the income will be able to help his/her life.

homelessfonts7 homelessfonts8 homelessfonts9  homelessfonts11  homelessfonts13

We should all look at the people from different angles. The people are not social problems. They are part of this society. On the Homelessfonts.org website, you can read the story behind every street friend. Ten street friends are currently involved in the project, such as the font called "Loraiane", which was adopted by the local famous winery Valonga. It’s an incredible miracle. I never thought that my handwriting would be better for the designer. Maybe this is one of the intentions of the whole plan, not just about money and income, but about helping them rebuild themselves. The social value of regaining the meaning of self-confidence and self-life.







Homelessfonts.org was also supported by the Oxigeno production company to assist them in filming the short film of the project, and each of the staff members participated in the production as volunteers, selflessly contributing their skills and time. The power of design and creativity is much larger than we imagined. It is not just about creating beautiful things. Many times, a small concept of whimsy can have unlimited influence, especially to unite people together. A good thing is achieved.

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