INSPIRATION| "The Yayoi Kusama, たたかう", about her early records in New York

Last year I bought a book about Yayoi Kusama at a bookstore in Belgium.Yayoi Kusama, たたかう"Although it is a Japanese version, but because the photos inside are really fascinating, I never thought of the early life of Yayoi Kusama, the photos in New York are so wonderful, I want to share it with everyone.


I am not very familiar with her. Although Yayoi Kusama is one of the best artists in the world, there is always a wall in my heart to block her; maybe I have a bit of rejection of the things that everyone likes. One wants to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by these powerful information. I want to find the parts that I like, the real fascination, the fascinating details, I want them.


When I opened the book and looked at her early bits and pieces, she was attracted to her for a moment; if you also saw her persevering expression like me, doing the work she thought must be done, Find out why so many people in the world are moved by her.


Photography/ Lock Huey. Photo taken in 1960.
Kusama Yayoi Studio, taken in 1960.

In an interview, she spoke about her early story.


I moved to the United States in 1957 and lived in Seattle; my dream was to have a solo exhibition in New York. But when I arrived in New York in 1958, I found that New York was like hell compared to Seattle. For a young Japanese woman, I feel very lonely; I use all the time to create and burn all my dollars. My life is very poor and I often have to endure cold and hunger.


My studio is in Manhattan, on the top floor of the office, many windows are broken. My bed is a door that I found on the street. I don't have a heating supply after six o'clock every night, so I can hardly sleep, so I paint all night. One day, the painter Georgia O'Keefee came to visit me. She introduced me to the art dealer; I immediately spent all my money on the materials and started to create. Later, the paintings of these outlets became the center of my thoughts and represented my important works.




The city of New York is built into a city that seems to be easy to succeed, but it is actually very difficult. Although there were many abstract works in New York at the time, my companions and I were ahead of the list, so there is still a long way to go. At the time, I and Donald Judd Work together and struggle in this city. I remember that he came to see my first exhibition. The work of the exhibition was a dot painting, which wrote beautiful comments for my work.








yayoi kusama modelling her kusama fashions in new york te24








Kusama Yayoi Studio, taken in 1961.

I think most of them are in a foreign land, especially when they go to a big city alone, and friends who are passionate about art will have the same idea. Expectations before departure, you can get a lot of things for imaginations full of opportunities; but what you didn't expect is that you must experience endless loneliness, poverty and failure before you succeed.


I remember that I had the same idea before I went to London. I was proud of how talented I was. I also imagined that I had to get the Turner Prize before I graduated. Now I am embarrassed about this confession. I also understand that my original fantasy is naive. But when I really live here, I can feel the city that is stacked by dreams, the illusion and helplessness inside. London is still very charming for me, there are still many opportunities, but it is impossible to get something for nothing; even if there are amazing talents, you need luck and you need to stick to it.


Letter with Georgia O'keeffe, 1955.



How can I understand a person more easily? Through a large number of photos, paintings, texts, briefings and letters, her exhibition, her life and creation records in the studio, this is the most detailed and thorough way for the audience to understand her. At the moment of typing, I read a lot of reports about her and her visits; the indescribable touch, perhaps only those who have experienced the process of artistic creation, can shine.





Oliver Maxwell Kupper: "How do you want the world to know you?"


Kusama Yayoi: "I want to send a great message to the world. This message comes from Yayoi Kusama. She is tortured for life, but she becomes an artist in this world. Her life is bright and Strong because she believes in the pursuit of truth."


Finally put my favorite photo.


Grass and her lover Joseph Cornell, 1970, New York.



Both pictures and texts are fromYayoi Kusama, たたかう》.