Explore the original natural features of Kenya: wild call from Segera Retreat

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On the Laikipia prairie in Kenya,Segera Retreat Standing in the wilderness. It is like an oasis in the desert. It rises from the dry loess, and the background is an endless grassland. If you look at it, you can take a magnificent view into the fundus. Looking around, it is an original African landscape, with various plants spreading out in all directions and rising to the sky. After the sun sank into the horizon, the balcony was raised with a flash of fascination, woven a silver net.

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In 2005, when Jochen Zeitz bought Segera, it was frequented by poachers. The entire land was grazing too much and was dying under artificial damage. The ideal of ecological protection and sustainable resources, in the face of this land, there are too many challenges in front of us. Jochen Zeitz decided to return the land to nature, protect the flora and fauna here, and restore it to the state before the captivity. So he proposed the concept of 4C: Community, Commerce, Culture and Conservation. After several years of hard work, the land gradually returned to its original enthusiasm, and Segera Retreat opened its doors to the world in 2013.

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Segera Retreat's six villas are made of wood and hay. Each room has a fairly intimate terrace with sun loungers and hammocks. The travellers can enjoy complete privacy and enjoy the land. Segera Retreat prides itself on being quiet and luxurious, with a sense of artistic beauty and a rustic nature. The interior of the house is made of natural texture. In order to echo the landscape, it may be deliberately based on the color of the land. The color of the arrangement is based on the earth color system - the floor, the wall and other large areas are mainly based on this color. The hay-paved roof rises upwards for a visually open effect. Carpets, chandeliers, and paintings hanging on the walls reflect luxury, and natural materials form a strange space.


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As far as 2015, the technological and urban grasslands that have grown stronger and stronger have been fully protected and managed, as if they were at the stage of prehistoric life. I don’t want to go back to the past or give up all the convenience of technology. It’s because we are in a bustling city, and we are even more surprised that in the undeveloped natural areas where the landscape has not yet penetrated into artificial smells, everything is the most primitive. The way is running.

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Adhering to the 4C concept, Segera Retreat includes the protection of wildlife, the use of renewable energy, the recycling and reuse of water resources, and the preservation of the unique culture of traditional settlements. In addition, the agricultural products used here are purchased directly from local farmers. Focusing on the concern for ecological protection, the shared resources of all living things, and the exchanges between cultures, between the wild natural environment and the extremely luxurious resorts, we are carefully embarking on a path of sustainable development. Segera Retreat's philosophy of practice also shows visitors that these ideas can be translated into concrete actions.

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In addition to the sensory impact, Jochen Zeitz hopes to instill some kind of inspiration and inspiration for everyone who comes here - in the face of environmental impact, with positive action towards human and nature symbiosis The type of sharing.

Segera Retreat
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