The technological innovation of human and design leadership: Airbnb headquarters direct attack!

Airbnb, the self-propelled leasing platform that was founded in 2008 and has risen in recent years, is because of the uniqueness of its platform, so that you can plan to travel abroad, not only facing the boring standard of hotel decoration, but also Carry out the spirit of bravery and end to a stranger's house for one night! Interestingly, compared to other Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, Airbnb's two founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, graduated from the famous Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD) in the United States, not from the background of information engineering. The founder of the design, let Airbnb pay more attention to the aesthetic and visual image design than other technology startups.


Airbnb is located in the headquarters hall of 888 Brannan St.

Airbnb's San Francisco headquarters, located at 888 Brannan St, is located in the SOMA area (the South of Market, a famous technology company in San Francisco, including companies such as Pinterest), a 100-year-old warehouse renovation A new space. The founders believe that the office environment should reflect the spirit of the company. How can the company's environment be as casual, warm and full of surprises as the various homes registered on Airbnb?




Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel to Airbnb headquarters under the leadership of an excellent US-based engineer who is currently working at Airbnb. The impression after visiting the whole building is that it really seems to travel around the world and visit a huge Ikea! The headquarters itself is divided into different themes in each country, and each corner and every meeting room is also restored to the headquarters space according to the interior decoration of the Airbnb house in the world. People can't help! These seem to be the space of other people's living room and living room, don't doubt, it is a conference room and office space!








There are even employees who are whimsical, in the personal workspace designed by themselves, some have a ball pool, and even a Hello Kitty birthday party theme! Employees can walk around with the laptop in the company, and can meet in a living room, or in a relatively small private space. Looking around, it is like browsing a variety of room information on the Airbnb website, successfully implementing the spatial image of the digital webpage into the real space of the entity.




It is worth mentioning that one of the conference rooms, called Rausch, is one of the restored founders of Brian Chesky's apartment space on Rausch Street in San Francisco. At first, the concept of Airbnb was extended from the apartment on the Rausch street in Chesky, which was extended for 40 US dollars a night. It is quite memorable. It is said that many of the furniture used in the headquarters are mostly self-produced furniture designed by in-house (both founders are also industrial design). Airbnb presents a variety of personal stories through real objects, leading visitors, websites and brands to a series of personal and emotional interactions, so that users and brand spirit can be more integrated, thus achieving the exclusive Airbnb brand charm.


The conference room called "Rausch" is based on Airbnb founder Brian Chesky San Francisco's Rausch Street apartment living room.



The staff restaurant on the top floor of the building has a number of picnic tables that allow employees to arrange work and lunch time and communicate with other employees. The meals in the restaurant are more carefully selected from California's local quality farms and fresh ingredients. One of the big walls is the artist Timothy Goodman listening to the work experience of hundreds of employees in the company, drawing different illustrations and comic stories, very warm and lovely!








The biggest highlight of the whole tour is probably not the toilet! The toilets for men and women on every floor are themed toilets, just like in Disney. The author himself was fortunate enough to use the theme of Alice in Wonderland and the western pioneering theme. From ceramic bunny, swinging, teapots, teacups, etc., the design and decoration of the toilet is more than double, and I feel that Airbnb is always attentive.










Visual identity has always been one of Airbnb's most important elements, and the company launched a new corporate logo and brand image in July 2014. The process of rebranding was made in the Airbnb headquarters a very cute show. From this, you can see the process of finding out the core values ​​of Airbnb by designers, as well as various visual design ideas and color tickets used to represent the colors. In the end, the brand new image is based on the spirit of humanity. Through the formula of "People + Places + Love + Airbnb", it emphasizes that "Belong" runs through various kinds of copywriting, symbolizing the use of Airbnb. You can find a place of your own belongings all over the world.
















The design of Airbnb's San Francisco headquarters can be said to have consistently adhered to the spirit of its own brand, allowing employees to have a deep feeling of "You Belong Here" (you belong here) and "Belong Anywhere" (at any corner) in the office environment. This highly liberal office environment, like a huge amusement park, inspires employees with endless creativity. After reading it, do you really want to post your resume application?




Photography/ Athena Chen


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