The narrow space where light and breeze flow: the ingenious design of YUUA Architects in Japan

Japanese architecture is always able to achieve an aesthetic balance in the limits of reality.YUUA Architectural Design OfficeIn 2012, the ultra-narrow house in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan was completed, only about 6 feet wide and about 180 cm wide. In the crowded Japanese island countries, it is often seen that such a long and narrow architectural design, because of the narrow relationship between the islands, Taiwan, Japan in the Japanese era, Japan also left many long and long buildings.


Among the traditional Japanese houses, the house designed by YUUA re-drawn an interesting skyline.

The whole building has four floors of living space, and a large piece of floor-to-ceiling glass window is used to increase the visual image of light and breeze flow. Because of the long-term design of the old era, although the problem of using small space is solved, the lighting in the house is very lacking. Therefore, there is a dark and damp low-key atmosphere all the year round. YUUA Architects, through the design of a large number of windows, introduces light into the indoor narrow room, making the overall space more spacious, and each floor has a complete outdoor picture, so that people living here can enjoy full light, also Can enjoy the street view.


                The light that shines through the night in the room adds a lot of warmth to the street.

The exterior walls are cold-toned neutral grey, while the interior spaces use a lot of warm wood tones, and the dark stairs and neutral-colored walls subtly blend all the spaces. The arrangement of the stairs makes the overall look more layered and extended, making people feel less oppressed. The most interesting space in the whole building is not the kitchen. The open kitchen is connected by a piece of floor. It creates a lot of non-monotonous layers and freedom for the interior. The clean and clean lines are the finishing touch.


Dark slabs and woody notes add a sense of stability


The kitchen's slice floor links throughout the space


Dark walls add depth to the space


 The height design of the chandelier is an interesting space interpretation

The storage space is cleverly placed at the corner of the stairs to reduce the crowding and add visual level. The bathroom that gives a damp and dark impression is chosen to be the best place for lighting in the building, especially for low-level mezzanine and other sanitary equipment. Even if the building is covered with glass, it will remain hidden; when the sun shines from the next-door patio, While the body is bathing, the mind is also bathed in gentle light. On the front side of the floor-to-ceiling windows, YUUA is also interspersed with a small independent pattern in each floor, with a seat or pillow, which is a comfortable and bright reading position, or a comfortable corner when one person is alone.


Fallen floor slabs and extensions as display spaces


Place the bathroom space in the best lighting position


Keep a quiet and quiet position at the highest point

In a row of traditional houses, such a low-key minimalist building is hidden, allowing people passing by to stay in sight because of the beauty of the conflict. Although narrow and long, it doesn't make people feel crowded. Instead, YUUA Architects creates more usable planes and introduces natural light, turning it into a space that people want to explore; using the space of high-profile and floor-to-ceiling glass Features to create a layered vision. Strolling through this area of ​​Tokyo, this is a surprisingly unexpected beauty.

1.8 M Width House
YUUA Architectural Design Office
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