Year-end Christmas exchange gift inspiration: Ma black home gift list

It is the annual Christmas festival, and the end of the year is a time to review this year's life and give blessings and thanks. I believed in the existence of Santa Claus from an early age, and together with the playmates, put the wishing note into the big Christmas stocking, and then my parents will become the Christmas real person, trying to satisfy our little wish. When I grow up, even if I know that Santa Claus is not visiting in person, I am still looking forward to Christmas, and I am looking forward to the joyful gathering of friends and friends. A little bigger, the festival object becomes the closest friend or lover, and the important days are more relatives. On the same day, the same festival, more and more celebration memories, stacking different happiness. this timeMa Hei home improvementIn particular, according to various themes, I will prepare a number of selected gifts to convey my heart, whether she or she is interested in her heart, a dear friend elder in her life journey, or a loved one who exists like a warm harbor, thanks to her gratitude. A special gift to convey the temperature in your heart.

? Christmas horse black bag combination for him



Suitable for: a beloved boyfriend, son, a friend who likes to write notes anytime, anywhere

❶ German Kaweco classic pen (optional)
The total length is only 10.5 cm x 1.3 cm! It is about two-thirds the length of a general ball pen, and its mini-lightweight features are more convenient to carry. Whether it's traveling, outdoor activities or business activities, Kaweco pens can always be easily stored in your pockets. There is no too annoying and heavy feeling in the event, so it is quite popular among sports fans!

❷ British craftsman manual khaki canvas notebook
From the UK, Merchant & Mills is designed with textured writing utensils to re-feel the feel of the pen over the paper. Simple design, but with a strong aesthetic transmission. The beautiful appearance of the packaging, the simplicity of the classic elegance, the unique and delicate shape of the depiction, let people feel the extraordinary feel temperature.

❸ Nerdwax natural natural frame non-slip wax
NERDWAX Frame Non-Slip Wax 100% Made in the USA, made from natural beeswax and selected organic botanicals, beeswax and natural plant ingredients are used for skin care. Lipstick-style packaging is convenient to store. Wipe off the oil on the frame before use. Gently spin the wax out and apply it to the nose of the frame.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

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? Christmas horse black bag combination for her



Suitable for: a beloved girlfriend, daughter, who loves a picnic or carries a water bottle

❶ bkr fashion glass with water bottle love
Bkr from San Francisco, USA, combined with environmental protection and fashion, elegant round glass bottle shape, material can be 100% recycled, 500 ml capacity is not much better, glass is not afraid of acid corrosion, so in addition to cold water can also be loaded with fruit vinegar and juice The outer layer of colorful heat-resistant silicone protects the bottle from slip, drop and non-toxic.

❷ British V&A limited edition flower 珐琅 mug
The UK-based home furnishing company Wild & Wolf, in particular with the UK's largest installation art museum, V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), launched a limited-edition 珐琅 mug. The Totem on the Cup was designed by British fabric designer Sylvia Chalmers in 1953. It was re-launched through the mug and reminiscent of the classic vintage design of the 1950s.

❸ Donna Wilson picnic tea towel (optional)
The length of 48 cm wide and 80 cm allows you to be more flexible in use, whether it is wiping, or folded in half as a heat insulation mat, or even on a picnic mat. The temperature-filled hand-painted style makes you feel more intimate with your friends. The linen blended cotton products made in the UK are greatly improved in safety and can be directly put into the washing machine for cleaning.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

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? Christmas horse black bag combination: Continental home



Suitable for: always inseparable from the kitchen, depending on the kitchen as a friend or family member of the art

丹麦 Danish classic minimalist marble cutting board
The marble cutting board with a width of 18 and a length of 40 cm, the natural soft color, and the texture of the sense of presence, as a sergeant, bread cutting plate directly on the table, the table is self-evidently elegant and quiet, quietly spread the room . In addition to being used for cutting vegetables or food, it is also a nice kitchen setting.

Sel seletti European Court Key Spoon Cutlery Set
Inspired by antique keys, the Seletti European Court tableware collection combines the Baroque court style to create a uniquely beautiful piece. Each set consists of a staple knife, a spoon, a fork and a dessert spoon. The elegant brass color, with classic touch lines, is perfect for both self-use and friends gatherings, immediately adding a classic European atmosphere to the table.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

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? Christmas Mara Black Pack: Enjoy the afternoon tea



Suitable for: friends or family members who regard afternoon tea as an important matter

❶ British Forest Owl 珐琅 Teapot (optional)
The retro classic owl teapot, from the British brand Wild & Wolf, and the Ukrainian designer Nina Jarema launched the "Forest" series, inspired by the Ukrainian countryside and forest style. 800ml pots, whether it is a person to enjoy their own time, or to share afternoon tea with friends, are indispensable tools.

北欧 Nordic style leather ring hand blue sky color matching chopping board
A 40 cm long and 21 cm wide leather ring cutting board, in addition to being a cooking tool, can be used as a container. The special leather ring handle design is not only convenient to take, but also can be hung on the wall as decoration when not in use.

❸ British forest animal 珐琅 mug (optional)
The “Forest” mug from the British brand Wild&Wolf, in collaboration with the Ukrainian designer Nina Jarema, was inspired by the Ukrainian countryside and forests. 360 ml Medium-sized mugs, whether on the table, on the desk, or on the camping, picnic, beautiful and easy to use cups.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

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Christmas Mara Black Pack: Camping Picnic



Suitable for: love to embrace nature, outdoor activities and camping are the preferred friends or family members of the holiday

❶ Stanley Classic Vacuum Thermos (473 ml) (optional)
The classic series of vacuum thermos, 473ml of medium capacity, in addition to outdoor activities, at home or with you are also very suitable. It has been passed down for a hundred years of classic appearance, rough and simple style, very personal, coupled with super insulation, is a must-have item for people of all types.

❷ New York Izola stainless steel travel glasses (optional)
Traveling shot cups from Izola, New York, USA. Each storage cover is printed with different patterns. It is durable and not afraid of falling stainless steel. It is only 1.5 cm in size after folding and can be used to enter the house, whether it is a picnic or a seaside. Play, mountain camping, or traveling with you are all indispensable.

❸ British Adventure 珐琅 Mug
The traditional classic 珐琅 mug shape, from the British brand Wild & Wolf's travel adventure series, 360ml size and capacity, the biggest feature in addition to the beautiful picture on the hand-painted, the blue edge of the cup and the red on the handlebar, seemingly conflicting The extremely matching contrast color makes this mug a different place.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

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? Christmas Mac black bag combination: coffee time



Suitable for: addicted to coffee, friends or family who have at least one cup of coffee every day

❶ Kinto Slow Living Industrial Hand Coffee Maker 300ml
Weekend brunch or afternoon tea party, 300ml coffee pot group, just for 1 to 2 people. KINTO 2015 The new SLOW COFFEE STYLE is the ideal daily hand-picked collection for all coffee fans, with a beautiful golden ratio and a detailed metal mesh.

❷ Japan Kinto fine caliber 304 stainless steel hand pot
The hand-washing pot made of high-grade 304 grade stainless steel, the slender water outlet provides a long and long water flow when hand-washing coffee, stably pouring water onto the coffee powder, and the lid of the lid is made of a disc buckle to avoid the lid Dropped. Not only beautiful, but also safe and non-toxic.

❸ Kinto slow-working thick ceramic mug (optional)
The moderate 400ml capacity provides one-person enjoyment for one person. The mug made of thick ceramics is not afraid of hot drinks when it is filled with hot drinks, and the center is slightly retracted to make the cup better. The simple and simple appearance is a texture item suitable for daily use.

限 Limited Mahe Heavyweight Tote Bag

See more details here ☞ Christmas black bag combination: coffee time


Life is full of adventures and surprises. Those friends who have not seen for a long time, the dear family that you always rely on gently, the most beautiful and unique other in your heart, are the best companions to accompany you to all kinds of smiles and tears. For Christmas, thank you to all the special and beautiful people around you with a little gift and text!

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