Movie Guide: Long live desire! Yuge Lansimo and his new work "Single Zoo"

Yorgos Lanthimos has sprung up in the world of cinema in recent years.In 2009, the second feature film "Dogtooth"A hit, not only won the best film of the attention unit of the Cannes Film Festival,Also in the fall of the glasses, the finalist was Oscar's best foreign language film.And his career partner, Athena Rachel Tsangari, also photographed "The Hug of Love" (Attenberg)In the next year's 2010 Venice Film Festival won the Best Actress Award. For a while,The world’s film industry has become extremely stylized with aesthetics in Greece.The unique and embarrassing narrative method is impressive, and since then there has been a "Greek wave" (Greek Weird Wave). And the important driver of this wave Haos Film Also out of Greece, working with excellent producers and funds around the world to break the boundaries,Continue to exert influence in the world of film, art, and advertising circles.

<> on August 8, 2013 in Locarno, Switzerland.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos

Yugo Bluesimo understands the importance of "shock value" to video works, from the first feature film "Kinetta"To "non-ordinary teachings" and later "Non-general services" (Alps),All of them make the character in a very extreme situation, showing the absurd side of human nature.This almost avant-garde avant-garde, smart and accurate black humor, is destined to have a bipolar evaluation.But the director said well: "I don't want to just reproduce the real world.I want to push the state to the extreme and expose the absurdity. The essence of the truth of things,It should be exposed under extreme ridiculousness, and the 60 used by Yuge Lansimo.The techniques used by contemporary artists in the 1970s made him successful in thinking about the audience’s reflections.The result of the debate.


The new work "The Lobster", which won the jury award at the Cannes Film Festival last year, officially made him a young man in the contemporary world.Attracted a vote for European and American stars: Colin Faro, Rachel Wise, and ReyesuBan Weixiao, John Riley, etc., participate in this incredible whimsy. ""Single Zoo" can be said to be a "high concept" movie. In fact, the story is only one sentence: single is guilty!A group of single men and women must find a partner within 45 days or they will become an animal of their choice.Streamed into the big forest. Under such a premise, Yuge Lansimo boldly made a narrative break in the film, "Single Zoo"In fact, it can be two movies:In the hotel for 45 days to find the story of the partner and the story after the exile to the big forest.I have no intention to disclose any plot here.The biggest fun of watching this film is to enter the cinema without knowing anything.Witness the sorrow of mankind driven by desire.



But here I have to make two observations: First, "Single Zoo" is a political film, a dystopian movie, the kind of mocking humor.Very close to Luis Buñuel. The film will overthrow the power structure and social pressure of the two-person relationship.It is a ridiculous joke, and it is deeply reflective. Second, the Single Zoo gave a very clever but frustrating ending. The director tells you:Human beings can never escape the original desire (libido), and always surrender to "demand"Longing for. This kind of Carol Jung-style dialectic believes that audiences who read cultural theory will climax in the theater.


Speaking of so many serious things, it seems that people think that "single zoo"It’s hard to swallow, but it’s not fun, the whole film is very interesting.It’s just a scene from the Silent Disco in the forest, and it’s worth the return.Ariane Labed)It’s that I watched the movie to see the best dance picture that was enough to get into the history of the film. It’s so cool and cool.The reader quickly buys a ticket into the theater.Experience this crazy transformation game for intellectuals and Wen Qing!

The Lobster preview:

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