Fantasy drifting on the East African Sea: The Underwater Room with the Fish The Manta Resort


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The fairy tale of "Little Mermaid" is a childhood memory of many people. Every day, the beautiful coral reefs are seen with their eyes open. They are free to swim and become a group of fish and become unconstrained in the arms of the sea. In addition to the childhood memories of the Little Mermaid, you may have been deeply influenced by the movie "Blue Coral Reef", which is surrounded by a blue ocean, although it is already a virgin in the current global environment. It's not easy, but if you are an adventurer who likes to find innovation in your life, there may still be a mystery that you are eager to see.




Hotels in Pemba Island, Tanzania, East Africa The Manta ResortRecently, I have just completed a submarine room. Unlike most underwater restaurants and submarine clubs that have been heard, The Manta Resort not only allows you to stay in this space for a few days, but also has a panoramic view of the sea floor. When talking about a beach holiday, you may immediately think of Maldives, Guam or the reef's prestigious Great Barrier Reef in Australia, making Pemba Island not included in the visit list, and the damage is not high. The island has a lot of natural landscape resources - beaches, lagoons, swamps and mangroves, but now everyone's eyes are bright, this is the room under the sea.








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What is special about this room is that it has three floors and does not directly hit the foundation of the building on the bottom of the sea. Instead, it uses four permanent anchors to fix it at a point, floating on the surface of the sea and swaying with the tide. This special construction method, which is different from the common one, comes from the Swedish engineering team specializing in the concept of a submarine hotel. Genberg Underwater Hotels With the assistance of this, complete this charming room. Since half of the house is soaked on the bottom of the sea, there must be a risk of it. Pemba Island has a 4m tidal wave in the sea environment, which means that every day it is beaten by the sea, there will be endless wear around the submarine structure, also for the hotel room. An extreme threat, sooner or later, one of them will rupture because of the erosion, so the hotel designer has built a special surface on the building surface to prevent possible destructive damage in the future.








The Manta Resort also offers attractive features to attract customers, such as the unique underwater roaming and sea adventures, the natural destruction of few humans, and the 4m private floating platform under the roof of the bedroom, which will undoubtedly make you want to relax. A luxury traveler wants to stay. In addition, it won't be disturbed by too many people, it is also a good choice to relax in Pemba Island.




Want to know more, please browse The Manta Resort website.


All Images via The Manta Resort.


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