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In the afternoon of the holiday a few months ago, I was fascinated by the rare winter warm sun. When I was at home, my eyes were attracted by a whole piece of greenery. It was discovered that there was a quiet presence in Taipei’s Da’an Siwei Lane. The succulent plant polymerization space -Have meat Succulent & Gift(or SUCCULAND). The white wall with the traces of the spatula reveals a fresh, simple and detailed black floating name on the store. A large cactus was placed in front of the black-framed glass door, and various succulents were planted in the long wooden troughs; some were bright yellow, some were full of green, perhaps full of green, or contaminated Red and purple... colorful and succulent planting walls bring different expressions to the street profile. After entering the room, the multi-potted potted plants and pots bring surprises, attracting people to stop and spend some time. After a few visits, I couldn't help but wonder about the aggregation space with interesting store names and the operators behind them. I would like to have a better understanding of this interview.






I started a full-scale visit because I loved it, because I found the demand after I invested.


At first, it originated from the common interests of three friends, Samantha, Xinxiong and GreenPin (hereinafter referred to as GP), on succulents. GP began researching succulents about four years ago. Through the sharing of GP, Shinhon and Samatha gradually fell in love with the succulent and succulent plants. Then, on the holiday, the three people started the "Finding Meat Tour", starting from the Jianguo Flower Market, and then the Shuangbei area. Afterwards, as long as they have the opportunity to go to other places, the three will first go online to search for local planting plants with special features or The nursery specially arranged the itinerary of the visit, and the visit was completed by the way to the nearby tourist attractions. "At the time, we were almost completely negotiating the trip," Samantha said with a smile. "When the most mad, every two weeks must be accompanied by a car to go to the meat," Xinxiong added. As for the GP, even traveling to Japan a while ago, I don’t forget to look around for the fleshy scenery in the corner of the city.Meat FB fan groupShare it with the meat friends (succulent succulent fans).





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Their footprints have been carried out from Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Tainan. However, they also found that succulents in many stores, similar to the affiliated goods, only show small areas, the selectivity is more limited; or, when they pick up the favorite fleshy in the nursery, they will want to To match it with a suitable container, you have to go to the creative market in North, Central and South, or buy a container online. As a result, it often takes a lot of time and road to get it done. This is the opportunity for them to start thinking about whether there is a space dedicated to "succulents" and can these elements be assembled? It can meet the needs of meat lovers to select succulent plants and containers, and also allows Taiwanese designers to design and display the touch space. The meat Succulent & Gift is gradually formed and implemented in the discussion and vision of the three people.




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Succulent vitality, soothing the heart of a stranger


Why choose succulents? This is a question that many people have meat. "In fact, it has been four years since I knew, liked, fascinated, and opened stores. Many people in the middle have asked us: "Why do you choose more flesh than other plants?" We answered various answers, like cute. It’s healing, shortness of fat, and looks like a funny answer. But we know in our hearts that it’s vitality!” GP said with a smile, “The three of us are from Pingtung, Taichung and Hsinchu is a foreigner who has left his hometown to work in Taipei. Often when he is tired after work every day, he returns to the side of the rented house alone, and only when he is facing himself, there will inevitably be a feeling of frustration, or I will temporarily lose a little confidence and optimism. At this time I look at the small succulents in the room and think about them: a leaf can fall and grow a new plant, even if it is beheaded, then dry it back. The soil continues to grow, which is how powerful it is! Then when you face frustration and unhappiness, look at this kind of greenery, your heart will be more practical!


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There are currently 31 different Taiwanese designer brands in the Succulent & Gift, which are made of cement, wood, glass, pottery, cork and more. Pots of the same material, such as cement, may have different textures and colors due to differences in shape, mixing method, blending ratio and process. In addition to other containers made from existing materials such as books, cans or models, the choice is very diverse. With the original concept of "all the meaty needs can be satisfied here", there are many other items in the store such as: meat care books, styling mobile phone cases, canvas bags, wool felts, accessories, diffused incense, etc. It is also made of cactus, which is tilted and swayed to make a cactus rain sound bar that sounds like a flowing water, so that people who come here are addicted to the fun of exploration and excavation.


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In addition, they also discussed with various brand designers, according to different brands of design brands to open a variety of different courses, such as: cement pot creation, pottery creation, glass ball asteroids basin, wooden box basin. Several of the courses have arranged for the participants to personally create their own unique works from the pinching of the pots to the later stage of planting. It is a very fulfilling experience and has received good response.


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In fact, there are many service areas that were later created in response to demand. We thought about it at the outset, that is, guests come here and can choose their favorite succulents and pots to solve their needs at once. Later, the guests occasionally took their own fish tanks, wine glasses and other containers, asking if we could help the basin? Of course, for us, these are all related to meat. If an item that is supposed to be discarded, after adding fleshy elements, can become a new bright spot in space, isn't that a good thing? Later, we also seriously considered the contents of these services. In addition to the general consultation of media selection, basin selection and care advice, occasionally there will be guests rushing into the store, holding a potted plant and saying to us: "My meat seems to be dying, can you help me? ? "So we are starting to have this side too?" Functional services such as "Flesh Doctor" or "Flesh Emergency Room".




"The challenge is always there. Everyone's affirmation and response is to support our greatest achievements."


Speaking of the difficult bottleneck faced by the establishment of the company, Xinxiong, who is responsible for the contact with the designer, feels the deepest. He said: "All three things will be discussed and resolved together, but the division of labor is different. Of course, I also hope that I can put myself in my own position. The responsible part is done well, so as not to worry about the other two partners." "Recall now, the initial contact with the designer, to discuss the cooperation brand for a while, the pressure is really great! Because the three people love and invest in succulents, carry out The blueprint of the plan is of course oriented towards the best solution. In the face of the hard-to-find store, whether the space or the outdoor platform meets our needs, the more spacious the space, the more we need the rich content. Although I am confident in my own ideas, I am still afraid of looking for design brands that are willing to cooperate."




Especially at the time, I just rented the storefront and started to renovate the decoration. I can only visit the design brand that I want to cooperate with the already designed Logo, Space 3D, and investment plan book. Frequent visits are frequently rejected. "There was a cooperative designer who told us that he once suspected that we were a fraud group. In the evening, I specially rode a car to the outside of the store to check it out. Fortunately, I saw three people sitting in the empty houses that had been demolished. Office, I feel that there should be credibility." Xinxiong said with a smile. This pressure has been reduced until the first design brand has been added to inject a strong shot into the team.


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In addition, the selection of space functions from the store site is also a different challenge. After all, it is a space dominated by succulents. Ample sunshine and ventilation are necessary. Specially, there are outdoor terraces with street terraces, and many indoor circulation fans are installed in the store to satisfy the growth of flesh. Space. In this way, the challenges that need to be addressed at each stage are always there, and each time people interact and communicate with each other, it is the biggest motivation to support them! "Occasionally when the guests come to the store, they make an exclamation, or say, "I just always look for a place like this!" The feeling of being positive is really a "cool!"" the three said at the same time. GP went on to say: "Or I used to help the guests to set up a basin. Later, the guests successively sent flowers to share with them. Now there is a feeling that their daughter is married to a good family!" "In fact, the succulents give people a good mood." We also hope that the meat Succulent & Gift can also convey such a warm feeling to everyone who comes," Samantha said.


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As long as it is meaty, everything wants to try, anything is possible


Regarding the plan for the future, "there are many ideas at present, and it takes time to implement it step by step. We are fortunate to have other partners to join this big family, which will allow us three people to have more time to plan ideas. GP can't help but answer with excitement. At present, there is no traditional Chinese version of APP related to succulents. There is a desire to create the first meat, perhaps combined with common succulent illustrations, Taiwan's fleshy maps, and community photo sharing and commenting functions. In addition, I also thought about the "Action Meat Car" that the whole Taiwan tour can go to cities or nurseries to meet the needs of consumers outside Taipei. Of course, it is possible to work with more designers to coordinate wedding arrangements, dining spaces, etc., as well as in the planning of meat. For the current space in the store, the three will provide it to the meat friends to use as a version of the meat friends; or the meat and botanical exchange meeting due to the fleshy reproduction characteristics, so that everyone who likes the succulent plants can do this. communicate with. At present, there is no limit to any ideas and possibilities, and I sincerely hope that more kindness will happen here.


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Sharing this kind of fleshy aggregate space, I also got a lot of healing feelings in this interview. I think of a paragraph from GP: "We are a group of friends who like meat very much. We want more people to know his beauty. When life is strong and there is a dying end, there is also meat, so even if your flesh is taken home, there is Some sad things (away from you, rotten leaves), it doesn't matter! It takes a lot of time to play electric power, and many tuition fees will become masters. There is no good way to climb the top of the meat. Hundreds of empty pots, but continue to buy and continue to play in the fall, remember each time they die (thirst, rotten, suffocating, etc.), I know that we are still learning, if you have more More experience values ​​are welcome to share with us."


This article is also dedicated to you and me who frustrated and stood up again.


Have meat Succulent & Gift
1/F, 19, Lane 76, Siwei Road, Daan District, Taipei City
T: 02-2701-7257
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 21:00


Photography/ Jacqueline unless stated.


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