Walk into Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levy's New York Light Fashion Loft

Adam Levine, the former red singer of the farewell single, and his wife Behati Prinsloo, recently announced on the social platform that they want to sell the SOHO small loft where they lived in Manhattan, New York, for $5.5 million, which gives us a chance. A glimpse of the rock singer's home. In the 78-span semi-open space layout, the decorating style not only shows the wildness on the stage, but also faintly feels Adam's play for life.




As soon as I stepped into the house, the red bare brick wall of the large face was reflected in front of me, only to know that Adam also liked the fashionable industrial style. Looking up at the top 13 feet of high ceilings, the overall space is very wide; the calm blue velvet sofa contrasts with the reddish-brown walls and floors, which becomes the focus of the line of sight; the lighting is interspersed with space for comfort and small corners. In particular, the giant lights hanging from the ceiling are composed of many small glass shades, such as art installations. At the end of the living room, the large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows are equipped with warm daylight and placed in the house. It is great to have a large window in the home of the New Yorkers!








The red brick wall is opposite the white wall surface, creating a "warm" element, subtly interlacing the layers and subtly feeling the different personalities; the wooden floor is covered with a large Turkish carpet, slightly revealing Adam's rebellious feeling. Not arrogant but very personal; in addition, the pool table on the carpet, retro game consoles and surfboards, let Adam see the boy's play.






Of course, the industrial bedroom is also indispensable in the master bedroom. Two large distressed suitcases are placed on the bedside as bedside tables. The leather texture and wood tones of the bedboards escape the original metal coldness of the living room; An exclusive locker room, before the white door is opened, it will never be thought that the original door is the clothing paradise that everyone is yearning for!






However, when I stepped into the bathroom, I saw a different space expression. The whole marble wall and the transparent glass shower created a wide sense of space. I abandoned the extra design and kept only the necessary toilet functions. The clean appearance that is most important in the toilet.




With such a fascinating home space design, how could Adam and Behati be willing to move out of a new home? It turned out that the young couple were preparing for their first child and wanted to find a space that would allow them to add a baby room. Although it is a pity that Adam and Behati have given up such an ideal space, it gives us a chance to see the rock singer's home.


Image Source: Teenvogue.

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