YKK London Showroom (below): Uncompromising creativity, interview with YKK Creative Consultant Kaga Miyuki

In an era like ours, the fashion industry is changing at a near dizzying pace, and few people can slow down to examine and explore the artistic qualities of clothing. However, there are still a few designers who directly reject the glamorous and bright fashion of the mainstream fashion industry, and constantly explore and experiment with the possibility of clothing and design. YKK Creative Consultant Kaga Miyuki is such a pioneering fashion designer, this visitLondon YKK London Showroom At the same time as the exhibition, he also sat down with him to review his own creative career for more than 20 years. In recent years, Kaga Miyuki has served as a joint YKK. ITS International Award for International Talent SupportThe review, which has seen the creation of young designers, has also published his views on the current state of the fashion industry and future trends.


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YKK Creative Consultant Kei Kagami.

Growing up in Japan, Kaga Miyuki, who studied architecture at the university level, joined the Japanese architect Dashishi Kenzo's office after graduation, but the conservative atmosphere of the Japanese construction industry does not give him the creative space to play properly, so he quickly chose Resigned. On the other hand, Kaga Miyuki was also influenced by Yamamoto, who was always interested in clothing and decided to go to London to find opportunities for the development of the fashion industry. Then he self-recommended to join John Galliano's studio in London. "Galliano is a fearless genius for me. I was inspired a lot there, seeing the design that can be creative and jump off the frame. He recalled. Not long after Galliano traveled to Paris to develop, Kaga Miyuki moved to St. Martin to attend a master's degree in fashion design, and in the same year he had several influential ghost designers, including Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan. However, due to his own desire for freedom, after he graduated, he did not join the big brand work, but designed and worked for a commercial company as a part-time employee, and at the same time established his own brand. In 2000, YKK found him, sponsored his zipper and inspired him to launch a series of fashion designs. At that time, the cooperation was well received, and YKK and Kaga Miyuki signed a long-term appointment as a creative consultant for YKK. And for many years in Milan, the fashion show was held.




By sponsoring Kaga, the YKK will bring the creative potential of zippers and clothing to the fullest.

When he was in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, when he asked about Kaga's views on the future of the industry, he said: "I still remember that when I was studying in St. Martin, the atmosphere in the school was very anti-fashion. We were very Resisting mainstream fashion brands and groups, I feel that the design of big brands is not interesting at all, not cool at all (laugh). Our group includes McQueen and Chalayan (review)Fashion designer Chalayan made her first dance in London at the end of last year, Gravity Fatigue), always like the discussion of the sky and the sky, thinking about various story concepts, the discussion is very painful (laugh). However, after reviewing ITS in recent years, I have experienced countless collections and communicated with young designers. I am surprised that many young people are often reminded to set their goals or dreams into certain. Big brands are designers. I think I can understand that some people may tend to think of fashion as a business system and think that it is necessary to find a job very practically; but I really hope that these young people can be more ambitious and want to break through. Attitude. The trend I see today is that most new designers are over-focused on the commercial interests and glamorous parts of the industry, rather than creativity and creation, which also makes me a little worried. "




At the opening of the YKK London exhibition, the Khan Meijing's work using YKK zipper design was exhibited as a window display.

Fashion is always purely focused on the creation itself. When asked how he views his previous architectural profession and current fashion design, he said: "There is no boundary between architecture and clothing. For me, it is all about researching and creating a space around the body. And the clothing can be selected by me personally, cut, stitched, until it finally becomes my own work, it is more without compromise. Expressing your own media." As a fashion designer, Mr. Kaga’s style is really difficult to classify and define. He does not pursue popular favors and mainstream values. For more than 20 years, he has been in this "underground niche" status. The fashion industry is based on its own interests and extensive knowledge. Kaga Meijo also said: "Most of my customers are professionals in the creative work, such as architects, and I am very happy to be welcomed by people with ideas and ideas." Of course, the sponsorship of YKK also gives His very advantageous advantage compared to other independent designers, he can jump out of the framework and restrictions of the brand to make money, uncompromisingly turn their ideas into entities.


Kaga Meijing design studio.

"I have never been interested in making money." Mr. Kaga said with a smile. "Of course I am very fortunate. I can have a YKK consultant who can help me with my food and clothing. I can make no compromises in terms of creation. However, I am still very I hope that young designers can see the attitude and spirit of being fearless and wanting to go forward and open up new possibilities." For Kaga, the focus of design education is what you want to focus on now. "I am more interested in creating culture and education. I think that if our civilization is not watered by culture, it will be stagnant. Whether it is making money or not, there is always a need for someone to be brave enough to think and create and design in a breakthrough way. Clothing. This is one of the reasons I am very supportive of YKK's setting up in London."


YKK London showcase.

For young designers who want to brave the industry, he advises: "To continue to find inspiration from your own, and then create - this is extremely challenging, both physical, psychological, and economic. Considering, so in this industry, we must maintain a high level of Survivor Mentality at all times. But looking at the current fashion industry, there is almost no refreshing thing in the near future, so I think that only Deliberately following the trend is the only way to do fashion is not to do it. In addition to the commercial value, the creative attitude of the uncompromising creation is absolutely evident in the works. This is what I think is the most inspiring and most important. It is a deep reflection and attitude of creativity and culture that can give our society precious and intangible value."


Photos Courtesy of YKK London Showroom / Kei Kagami


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