Wash your clothes in the cafe! ? Taipei "Take 9000 kilometers to you" cafe

There is no washing machine in the house, or a wanderer living outside. In the face of washing a dirty object, I have to go to the outside laundry to wash. This is an unusual thing. What do you do while waiting for the waiting time? Is reading newspapers, sliding phones? And the stranger who happened to meet in the world? Still have nothing to do, just want to wash clothes and leave? Perhaps, try to slow down the pace, bring a cup of coffee at hand, wait for the clothes to wash, it is also a natural arrangement; don't think that this model is very abrupt, the original gossip can not drink coffee and laundry Things, but now there is a close combination - the concept of such a complex operation, just in TaipeiI will give you over nine thousand kilometers.(Travelled 9000 km Wash Coffee) is implemented.


This café located in the inner lane of Minquan East Road is located on the first floor of the residential building. It looks like a yellow signboard that is not very eye-catching. It is very popular. It can also wash clothes after drinking coffee. It is the biggest feature of this store. Time is a waste of good things, nothing more than one of the biggest comprehension of this store. "Take it through 9000 kilometers to you" is the unique name of this café. The name of the store is very difficult to guess what medicine is sold in the gourd. It is a dessert, a cup of coffee, a laundry. The service, as well as a comforting space for comfort, is a new experience that the store wants to fully experience.



Stepping into the door of the first floor shop, the space outside the door is the same as the garage on the first floor of the apartment.Tomo Design Design Formo Design Studio Under the circumstance, it has now become a small square with outdoor seating and a sandbag bag for boxing. Before entering the store, it was a sliding door with a container-style wind. It was smeared with orange color that complemented the sweetness, revealing a vibrant and warm taste. The light in the store is relatively dim, making it easy to show the lazy feeling. The overall style is biased towards the transformation of old objects and combined with industrial wind design. It is also because of many stacked objects, such as paintings, table lamps, iron nets, wine bottles, etc. In addition to beauty, it also makes you pleasing.



It is reported that the name "Through 9000 kilometers to you" has already started and is unique, because the boss is very passionate about the film of director Wang Jiawei. The name of the store is derived from Wang Jiawei's micro-movie "Through nine thousand kilometers to you"; interesting is The name "wearing" also implies that the boss learned to make desserts from France, which is 9000 kilometers away. After returning to China, he wanted to bring sweethearts to the guests, and he created this store with inspiration.



The delicate compartment on the side is a well-known laundry service. A row of drum washing machines is a function of washing, drying and folding clothes. Of course, drinking coffee while washing is not empty talk. You can use the time to wait for the laundry to have a cup of coffee; other people who have to wait for the delay can also wait for the store to notify you of the receipt, intimate and avant-garde, naturally attracting many customers to come to the pilgrimage.



There are countless interesting stories to share about the anecdote behind "Take a thousand kilometers to you." For example, the boss himself loves dessert, and spent a considerable amount of time learning to make it. He worked long hours outside, and he felt that washing clothes was a thing that could not be met. One day, he suddenly wanted to open a shop and open a room. The shop that meets these two needs, so the coffee shop that can take care of the laundry and the dessert, is formed in its mind. As for the desserts sold in the store, the production concept comes from the boss's cherished original French dessert – meaning the early French family dessert, not paying attention to the appearance but paying attention to the delicious, taboo excessive artificial addition, the ingredients are natural, in order to present Its inherent flavor.



Coincidentally, the ingredients are loyal to the original taste, and also coincide with the visual sense of the store: pure industrial style, no excessive decoration and art processing, directly reflecting the essence of the material. As a result, there are many original elements in the "Wear" store, such as the door of the abandoned container, the dining table placed on the building template, the dining chair constructed of steel pipes, the coffee table of the abandoned bowling lane, and even the chandeliers for the retrofit of fishing lights... The more common waste, under the skill of Tomo Design Studio, has a new second life.



The boss with a rough appearance but a slender heart is also fond of making friends. In order to make the cafe a place where people gather, in addition to the above, boxing sandbags are placed in the outer square area, so that people can be active and stressed. The customers can also vent their dissatisfaction with no seats. From time to time, the venues are provided free of charge, allowing artists and creators to display their works (informal, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.). One idea stems from the seemingly unconventional concept, and nowadays it is practiced by many people. "It is handed over to you through nine thousand kilometers." Business is booming, so there is no need to be surprised.


I will give you over nine thousand kilometers. Designed by Tomo Design Design Formo Design Studio
No. 16, Lane 19, Lane 160, Section 3, Minquan East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
Opening Hours: Mon/ 14:00-23:00
Tue-Sun/ 13:00-23:00

All Images Courtesy of Tomo Design Design Formo Design Studio

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