Contemporary technology impacts the gorgeous development of the body: Anna Qi Dance Theater "Second Body"

Turn off the vision, there is only sound in the black box. "Second Body" begins with a darkness, and can't be seen with a big eye. It can only let the dancers run and breathe with the magnified hearing. Gradually, before the coming of the main event, there is only yourself in the space.




Light and shadow and dance have always had a mysterious connection, and projection is another light and shadow game.Anna Qi Dance Theatre"Second Body" is a new type of cross-border work combining light, shadow, dance and projection. Unlike the one-way view/play mode of the general performance, "Second Body" awakens the audience's initiative at the beginning: to take the initiative to explore before receiving the show.


Second Body @ Ching-Ju Cheng (2)


Founded in 2010, the dance theater is the core of the creation. The Anna Qi Dance Theatre reproduces the current strong social structure, subtle power structure and interpersonal relationship, in an attempt to break the spatial norms of traditional theaters and create a new performance field. Create unique dance vocabulary and explore contemporary dance expressions. His work likes to explore the autonomy of the body, and the inspiration for the "Second Body" dance comes from the experience that the human body can operate autonomously without relying on consciousness control. Take off the dance, follow the body, and through the reorganization of the Second Body, explore whether the body under the second layer of external force can follow the memory of the past. Interestingly, the dancer's body has a wonderful connection and sawing between the theater space and the audience, affecting each other.


Second Body, Photo by Ching-Ju Cheng


Second Body @ Ching-Ju Cheng (5)


The dancer's body, like Eve, allows the original texture to listen to the body and move. It seems to follow the light and shadow and like the light and shadow with her, stretching in the black box and flexing and moving. At this moment, everything is still very real. However, immediately after the image appears, follows, and even clings to the occupation, the dancer's texture and movements are completely changed, but the attention has long been blinded by the smashing of the eyes until the technology ocean engulfs the stage, and the body and the world are calm. You know that the world is different.


Second Body @ Ro-hsuan Chen (1)


Second Body, Photo by Stella TSAI


Since 2015, Second Body has been touring to the arts festivals in Linz, Austria, Wroclaw, Poland, Moscow, Russia and Paris, France. Each scene has a completely different look. And the performance of the Taipei performance in August this year will be curious as to the chemical reaction between the water source theater and the audience in Taipei. Of course, there are many performances invited to the international tour. The elements attracting foreign countries are not only rich in Taiwanese land emotions and traditional cultures, but the conceptual story of performances will not be overly complicated. In just 45 minutes, the concept has always been inconspicuous. Under the cover of science and technology, the abstract distance between modern dance and the audience is ingeniously drawn. The picture is like the movie "Ex Machina", and the concept is like "Lucy". Give modern people trapped in the tech storm a chance to vacate themselves and let the body take you to the future.


Second Body at Moscow Политех На ВДНХ
Second Body at Moscow Polytechnical Museum
Second Body at Linz @UltraCombos
Second Body at Linz UltraCombos
Second Body at Linz UltraCombos
Second Body at Linz UltraCombos

Second Body Trailer:


Second Body, Photo by Ching-Ju Cheng


Anarchy Dance Theatre
Founded in 2010, the dance theater form is the core of the creation, through the physical reproduction of today's strong social structure, subtle power structure and interpersonal relationship, in an attempt to break the traditional theater's spatial norms, create a new performance field, create a unique dance. Glossary and explore contemporary dance expressions. In recent years, the "Seven Senses" and "Second Body" works have been well received. The "Second Body" has been touring the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria since 2015, and Eco Expanded in Poland. The City Festival, the Polytech Festival in Russia, and the Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris, France.


2016 Taiwan Science and Technology Festival
Second Body,Anna Qi Dance Theatre

Venue: Taipei Water Source Theater
Performance time:
2016/8/12 (5) 19:30
2016/8/13 (6) 14:30
2016/8/13 (six) 19:30


All Images Courtesy of Anarchy Dance Theatre.


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