Black and white simplicity, modern industrial style enters Moscow's old apartment

It is not uncommon for the old house to be refurbished. After renovating, how to preserve the original taste, inject new ideas, and use the design to make the space bear the flow of the first move, which is the biggest problem for designers and homeowners. This old apartment in the heart of Moscow, built in the early 20th century, from New York Crosby Studios With the design concept of contemporary New York, the original taste of the house was refurbished, and the simple black and white colors were used to successfully create a modern industrial apartment.


Crosby Studios5


The apartment is divided into a living room, kitchen, dining room with solid wood dining table, bedroom and bathroom. In order to maximize the use of small spaces, the designer combines the dining room and the living room with an open kitchen, and separates the bedroom space with metal glass cubes, retaining privacy, and allowing natural light to fill the room without any hindrance, bringing a bright and refreshing wide Atmosphere.


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Interestingly, the first step in the renovation of the design team was to remove the ceiling of the original apartment, retain the prototype of the cement, and add the original metal shackles and sloping planes, which are full of strong industrial wind without unnecessary decoration. . After the base is laid, the team further reduced the main color to black, white and wood, and painted the original brick wall with perfect white, which was connected with the smooth floor and gradually constructed with the same color of the home decoration software. The indoor atmosphere.


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The open-field kitchen is painted like a pure white wall, next to the wooden black-side counter, it is a hidden cabinet with white paint removed from the handle to keep the space clean and concise. The minimalist style furniture becomes the main body of the living room, and a set of hammocks are hung in the middle of the black and white cabinets, which replaces the heavy feeling of the sofa and becomes the focus of the open space. The coffee table and the dining table are complemented by a black-edged solid wood table, the living room is paired with the classic Wassily Chair, and the restaurant is Eames' Wire Chair, which is a minimalist and coherent overall vision.


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The bedroom is painted with pure white brick walls, but the classical four-legged free-standing bathtub in the bathroom, the bright green and the classical style escape the overall vision, which becomes a scene of indoor surprise. This seemingly small old-fashioned apartment uses a wide and holistic vision of design and natural light, retaining the prototype of the old house and transforming it into a distinctive industrial style. While the sun is flowing through the room, drink a cup of coffee, flip the magazine, and embrace the texture design. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon.


Crosby Studios16


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Photography by Evgeny Evgrafov.
All Images via Crosby Studios.


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