Red Brick Triangle Windows in East London, vibrant mix of bars, restaurants, and homestays: The Culpeper

The Thames under the London Bridge used to be the transportation hub of the region, linking goods, transportation, economy, manpower and identity. The central business of London is prosperous. The West Bank is a royal family and a land of power. The east coast is a city and an immigrant. The culture of East London is flowing, and in various corners, maybe it is a kind of site, or that is the site. The law and order problem that followed led to a reduction in house prices and rents. On the other hand, it attracted a large number of art and literature people to look for work here, and gave birth to another glory.




The East London of Shihua is already a gentleman, like a settlement of a hipster. Hipster, Oxford Dictionary says: They are at the cutting edge of fashion and fashion, especially as they are outside the mainstream of culture; Chinese may not have properly translated the words, let us continue to call hipster. Their presence marks a certain taste and attitude; The CulpeperThe distinctive features attract the nomads of the city, and the hipsters are destined to walk in. This is the pub where they will haunt.




The 19th-century Victorian red brick building in the triangular window, The Culpeper is a pub on the first floor, the restaurant on the second floor, the hotel on the third floor and the garden on the top floor. The pub has a wall of the building itself, a spacious open environment, they are built according to their ideal pub (public house), everyone enjoys meals, drinks, and chats.








The restaurant on the second floor is more formal than the pub on the first floor. There is a complete set menu consisting of three starters, main dishes and desserts. The menu changes daily, while the vegetables are partly taken from the garden on the top floor. Stepping up to the third floor, the original The Culpeper is not just a noisy restaurant bar. The upper half of the building contains five rooms with complete home facilities. Just like the small apartment in London, with the low everyday style of the building, it is suitable for a week of business trip or a small weekend.














In the top floor garden, the plants grow in the canopy of the foggy London, with plenty of water, and fresh vegetables are served in the restaurants and pubs downstairs. Gherkin, which has the same name as Big Ben and the London Eye Ferris wheel, is a distant city.








Some corners of the city are circulated from the mouth of the hipster. That is where their shelters correspond to spiritual culture, making the original corner a different kind of prosperity.


The Culpeper
40 Commercial Street, London E1 6LP
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu/ 11:00 am-12:00 am,
Fri-Sat/ 11:00 am-02:00 am
Sun/ 11:00 am-11:00 pm
T: +44-20-7247-5371


All Images via The Culpeper.


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