A little chat before the farewell: Come on! Baking! Ten-year interview with the orchestra

Hear at the end of Julybring it on! Baking! (Come on! BayBay!)Will be heldMy voluntary dedication: Come on! Baking! Ten-year farewell"When the concert, I think many fans are surprised and wrong. The brothers and sisters used to be "the world I like you the most (but you don't know)A song, in the hearts of everyone, buried in the lovely appearance, with the flow of life, after the youth is the question and thinking about the things around, the lyrics more often show the lime sand after precipitation, not fearless Sunshine. Don't doubt, "Come on! Baking! It's not the same," but in! bring it on! Baking! In the ten years of change, have we become different?




Calving and baking

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The brothers and sisters grew up in the same environment and had the same love for Chen Hao. When they were in high school, they were slightly separated. If they didn’t go to college and went to school, the roast in Taipei might not have the chance to find a sister to help sing a chorus and play the flute. Not to mention the current six-person band standing on the stage to warm everyone.


"Because I am now a Facebook girl with a big baby, so my brother said that I am his big baby." - Zheng Rongqi




Compared with the introversion of roasting, the roasting personality belongs to the observer who will chew and retreat everyday things. In the university period, he also used the Ledu log to record feedback on life and books. With the accumulation of experience, the roast will not read back to the slightly immature self. "A friend posted a post before, I opened it and found that the website was immediately turned off, DON'T LOOK BACK "With the increasing busyness, even if you are yearning for a diary, you will only record something when you are in a whim. If you don't read a book, you can't write a note.


"Come on! Bake! It's like reading a lot of books, but sometimes because there are too many words, I don't understand them. I have to look back again." - Chen Hongli



Even if it is no longer tender, the roast still feels that he is not very good at dealing with interpersonal relationships. "In fact, I don't really like to spend time dealing with people's problems and distance from each other, but I also think that there are many precious things between people. How to get that balance, let these become their own strength is the first difficult problem." In order to make love and friendship in a harmonious state, the roasting will inevitably take more effort. The roasting and roasting is like "tolerance and fear"On the cover, the men and women on the cover, even if the body gradually flutters into different arcs, the appearance of the lines is increasingly generated, facing each other, still the most sincere heart to explore the deeper meaning of truth, and finally turn these thoughts into interesting things. Good songs.





After each song

Although the sounds of roasting and roasting are half in the songs, most of the lyrics are mainly written by the roast. The members recite the story and atmosphere behind each song according to the roasting, and imagine the songs. I feel the singer’s appearance. Then the guitarist Guo Guo (Zeng Guohong) arranged the clues according to the clues. The bassist Hongli coordinated the rhythm part, and the roasting details adjusted the high-pitched department, and finally re-edited by the country.




Most people may not believe that after the release of "Fearless and Tolerant", the roast did not intend to record a new album. At that time, in addition to discovering that they did not understand the music, there were too few things, and most of the songs depended on it. Intuition, coupled with the recklessness of the presentation of the work, I feel that if I stop here, I may not regret it. However, after retiring from the army, the feeling of creation re-emerged - "If you know that you are capable of doing it, and you want to continue doing it, your standards will increase a lot in a moment." Then the second "real" is brewed. impression".



However, in "Real Impression", the time of creation of most songs is similar to "Fearlessness and Tolerance", but the previous technique failed to fully interpret the charm in the song, so compared withFearless and TolerantThe sweet green, "True impressionIt is even more difficult to challenge the dark and faint yellow that was not brewed. It is more obvious to the "Personal Experience".


"Our personality is not very positive, but it is not rebellious. It is more self-deprecating." - Zheng Ronglong

Making "real"impression"On the one hand, it is necessary to deal with the problem of the expansion of the members, on the other hand, it still has to overcome the immature technology and mentality, and another group with the country during the tour. BOYZ & GIRL Overlapping makes the whole process difficult. At the same time, the group is also looking for an image that it is really eager to present, trying to pass it in the performance! The change in baking is given to the audience, but if there is no performance at that time"Fearless and Tolerant"The song, everyone seems to think: "This is what I know! Baking! It seems not the same." Let that time come! Baking! Turning point.




"We don't need to say anything more about the declaration. Let the music express our thoughts. Some people like it, some people don't like it. If it comes, it will be safe." - Zeng Guohong

Got the third album.Private experience,bring it on! Baking! I felt that everything was on the right track. In addition to the replacement of the members, the country also moved from the original bass player to the guitarist. Everything exudes a renewed breath. The members also set their own path - do what they want to do, and everyone can make music happily. "If it's because of the change! The change of baking! Let everyone not like it, then forget it." For the roast, "Private experienceThe difficulty is how to adjust each other's mentality, and concentrate on making each song well, don't think about it, the point is that everyone should be happy.





bring it on! Baking! Ten years Q&A




. For the members, come on! Baking! What is the meaning?


The country: For me, it is "a promise to do it." I promised that the bounce will always play. In terms of meaning, writing songs is something I am not good at, which is equivalent to playing the role of learning.

Roasting: At first I felt like a role as an auxiliary instrument, but later I was responsible for more and more things, and I began to realize that I should have a lead singer. I am not a very confident person. I have the power to push me forward here. I also hope that I can learn by myself.

Birdman (drummer Huang Shizhen): I saw it quite a long time agoGlitteringBy the way, look at it by the way! Baking! Later, after listening to "Private Experience", I also liked it. I hope I can get involved here.

Xiao Gan (keyboard player Wang Shaoxuan): I think that playing this group is the same as playing all the groups. It is to make yourself happy, to make yourself cool, and to find happiness in the song.

Hongli: It’s like reading a lot of books, but sometimes it’s because there are too many words, so I didn’t understand it. I had to look back again.




. Which songs are the members of the group impressed?


Guoguo: I have always liked "Monochrome", but recently two new songs "I Volunteer Dedication" and "The Wasteland" have been compiled quite well. If these two songs are later developed into albums, it should be quite good.

Birdman: <Contact and Resonance>.

Xiaogan: <Change>.

Hiroyuki: "I am dreaming."

Robin: I recently thought that the best song in this combination should be "I don't care about those things," but most of the songs are written by me, so I can clearly distinguish which ones are better and which ones are better. Written not so well.

Roasting: "Second discussion of love."


. <Change> is a song that Robin gave to him at the funeral. If you please pick a song and give it to yourself, do you have a choice?


The country: Zhang Zhenyue's "freedom."

Hiroyuki: "I want money" feels pretty cool.

Roasting: Annoying, I can't think of it. (Long: Is Lin Xiaopei’s annoying?)

Birdman: I decided to play the song for the funeral ceremony long ago, Mogwai's "Take Me Somewhere Nice".

Xiaogan: "The wedding in the dream" is good. (causing everyone to laugh)




. Do the members feel that they are still in a "young" state?


Roast: I feel that I am not young, because I am already over thirty.

Guoguo: Young extreme tail.

Roasting: The bird is the youngest inside!

Xiaogan: Fortunately.


. When do the members think that it is the most shining moment of their youth?


Xiaogan: The third grade of the national junior school, take a test.

Hiroyuki: No.

Roasting: It should be a high school. At that time, I would like to finish the book every day. I will only wear panties to run the playground and play basketball. At that time, I was very happy. Anyway, the goal was set up - I took the university exam, so there is nothing. upset.

Roasting: When my sister has not yet been born.

Guoguo: It seems that the youth shines on the computer screen. I am playing electric, but I feel that I am doing something now. (Long: The country is also shining now, the sparkle of the superstar!)

Roasting: There have been several performances on the previous tour. Everyone has strong emotions and energy. At that time, there was indeed a sense of accomplishment on the stage to achieve goals in music.

Guoguo: I think that youthful glory is more like a dream and is being realized, but in the process of realizing it will not make you feel very dazzling, and will feel very shining afterwards.

Blasting: The real thing that shines will be very painful when you do it, but when you finish it, you will feel: "Awesome!", all need to be recalled afterwards.




. What do the members think is different from what they are now ten years ago? What will it look like in ten years?


Roasting: I have wisdom than before. I was a bit ignorant ten years ago, and now I know what life is like. The most important thing is to "learn to choose." A person's time is limited, there are very few things that can be done, and there are fewer things to do. Life is to choose what has been promised, and face the limits and deficiencies. Then think of ways to be responsible for yourself and make it the best. In the next ten years, the responsibility will be heavier and the feeling of freedom will be less and less, but it is still necessary to live well.

Guoguo: I was a man who liked music ten years ago. I still like music in the next ten years, and I hope I can always be myself.

Xiaogan: I can't think of what I looked like ten years ago.

Hongli: I didn't know it ten years ago. I still don't know it after ten years. If it can still be the same as now, it will be pretty good. Anyway, it will be possible to live.


Image Courtesy of Come on! Baking!


With the performance of the WALL in September 4th, the roast will go abroad to study, and Guoguo, Hongli and Xiaogan will begin recording.Sunset RollercoasterThe new album, the bird is conceiving his own personal project, and the roasting and friends start to run their own clothing brand."Affinity Partial Affinities",bring it on! Baking! It is not an orchestra that needs tears to draw a rest, but a group of bears from the forest, who have temporarily returned to the forest to hibernate, and later will still come out to have fun together.


Photography/ Manchi.


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