Abandoned geisha sees an open house converted from Fanwu: KINOSAKI Residence

Different from the gorgeous style of the Kyoto neighborhood, this hot spring street in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture has a strong atmosphere of Japanese ancient streets. The wooden structure of the 鳞 鳞 穿 穿 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥 水泥Your eyes.




The three-storey old-style "kenban" on the street was once a place where local management geisha performed and gathered after bathing. PUDDLE Construction TeamThe design has been modified to become a private apartment with a unique style -KINOSAKI Residence. In order to create a "home" that reflects the character of the owner, PUDDLE chose a wide kitchen as the core element of the home; placed it in the middle of the third floor, extending two dining areas centered on the kitchen; Island kitchen full of openness So that the host and guest can laugh and laugh without hindrance.










The kitchen utensils collected by the owner are also open-frame displays, which add a lot of temperature to the wide dining space. The main hall is opposite the dining area and the studio, and the rear wooden frame displays the collection of books and homeowners – this was once the stage in the house, and the design team kept it. The heavy roof beams are arranged in a radial pattern. The ancient timber wraps the main architectural structure of the interior, which has a sense of presence and depth. It also makes the whole space full of warmth and softens the boundaries between new and old things inside the building.








Down the stairs, the door, the main bathroom and the bedroom are set on the second floor. The location of the door is enough to provoke the curiosity of the guests, just want to go upstairs to find out; the bedroom space is simple and generous, maintaining the consistent characteristics of the house to expose the beam, the wall is coated with diatoms from Hokkaido to regulate the hot spring area The environment affects the humidity of the building.










The planning of the entire residence retains the structure of the old-fashioned house, and in order to show its form, the owner's private collection, PUDDLE will balance the key to the building materials and colors, and the sense of space will be deepened and widened. Retaining the simplicity of the past, the old houses that have only undergone basic renovation are not as prominent as this ancient street. Only so quietly and harmoniously stand in the neighboring houses, the lively dust here has been a historical memory.






Photography/ Takumi Ota.
All Images via PUDDLE.


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