Japan's first architectural model museum: architectural warehouse ARCHI-DEPOT, complete collection of master works

If you can enjoy many masterpieces at once, this should be a very exciting thing! Opening of Tokyo Dongpinchuan in the summer of 2016Building warehouse ARCHI-DEPOTThe Museum of Architectural Models is the first museum in Japan to be dedicated to the display of architectural models. Its simple and degraded LOGO comes from the works of the famous Japanese graphic designer. In a space of 450 square meters and a height of 5.2 meters, it displays the works of Japanese contemporary architects, designer studios or firms; many of them are famous and famous architectural models, such as Tokyo Sky Tower, Asakusa Sightseeing Cultural Center, etc.

Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT

Modern Japanese architecture is viewed on the world stage in terms of design and technology; the building warehouse tries to provide a space for the people to collect, whether it is completed, ongoing, or purely conceptual. The building model allows visitors to look at it while also maintaining and collecting the starting point for the construction of these living buildings. In the museum of the warehouse, there are 100 display stands, which are neatly arranged to house architectural models from all over Japan. They are all works of Japanese architects and design firms active at home and abroad; pure white iron frames and spaces. Responding to the preservation and positioning of the museum's name "warehouse", the model works are more focused, showing the transformation of Japan's architectural culture from the past to the present. Visitors can shuttle between the storage shelves and watch. Although the model is still different from the physical building, it is a special feeling from the miniature model landscape, which forms another perception and perspective of the building.


Image Source: Dezeen
Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook
Image Source: Dezeen
Image Source: Dezeen

All models displayed in the building warehouse are regularly exchanged and displayed (sometimes with specific themes), allowing visitors to the museum to see different or new entry models each time. Adhering to the mission of properly preserving and arranging Japanese architectural models, and in order to allow Japanese architectural and cultural materials to be fully recorded from this time, special temperature and humidity conditions are set in the museum, and LED lighting is used for all lighting, so that the model works are not Generally, the rays of the light are discolored, or damaged by heat.


Image Source: Dezeen
Image Source: Dezeen
Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook
Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT

The museum has a large scale model of Aix en Provence Conservatory of Music and Torafu Architects,Klein Dytham Architecture, Nikken Sekkei And other well-known large architectural firms; of course, the rise of contemporary rookie O+H(review O+H Introduction Article) works can also be found. Many architects collect their own models of architectural works, but as the number of works increases, there is less and less space to collect. Therefore, the building warehouse preserves the complete collection of these models, and there is a way to appreciate them – regardless of the building. Creator or fan.


Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook
Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook
Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook

The building warehouse allows everyone to see the tiny world of life from the model, so that the architectural culture can be viewed and studied from different angles; in a new experience, the people can re-recognize the buildings that shelter us from the rain. After enjoying these loyal and detailed models, you can actually visit the buildings in Tokyo. I believe there will be another new perspective to experience the fun of shuttles and watching in Japanese architecture.


Building warehouse ARCHI DEPOT MUSEUM
Warehouse TERRADA Main Storage Center 1F, 2-6-10,
Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-002 Japan
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun/ 11:00 am-09:00 pm
T: +81-03-5769-2133


Image Source: ARCHI-DEPOT & ARCHI-DEPOT Facebook & Dezeen.


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