Jin Hao gently repairs the scars of the old house: Kyoto XCHANGE APARTMENTS

In The Lovers in the Labyrinth, Chen Xue wrote a sick writer and partner looking for a place to live in the city. They had settled in an old house. But as they lived in the middle of the day, they all stepped out of their feet. It was the old house that needed care, and the balance between emotion and matter was not found. The house is really a huge container, life has been living for a long time, always lost. As the residence time gradually revealed its defects: water leakage, wall cancer, floor cracks, old and complicated pipelines are difficult to adjust. Mutual friction between the physics, strong collisions, or the violent impact of natural disasters, artificial deliberate transformation, engraved into memory, is more like the scars of life.




XCHANGE APARTMENTS, an old house in the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, has recently been remodeled into a place for artists, designers, and cultural workers to create and think about. Design building team TANK In the face of the scars and symptoms of the old house, it is proposed to incorporate the non-architectural method into the architectural design. The wood floor of the bathroom is made of Urushi-Nuri, a Japanese lacquer lacquer technique. The wood material is coated with a layer of translucent resin to gently reveal the appearance of the wood. It also has waterproof and moisture-proof effects. Polished metal mirrors map the spatial simplicity of the space, but produce a visually distinct layer of real virtual image.






Another ancient technique used in space is the lacquer-repaired "Kintsugi", also known as the "Golden Dragonfly" - you may remember the one we have visited before.Taiwan Jin Hao Craftsman Zheng TingIt is also the same technique - the natural lacquer paint is used to bond the broken container, and then the gold and silver powder are drawn. The TANK construction team applied this method to the cracked floor to fill the gap between the objects due to natural shrinkage or time testing. The crack that fills seems to be the golden stream in the space, dividing the floor into a block rock version, or more like an irregular giant puzzle combination. The thin, trembling lines shimmered in the golden light between the plates.










It turns out that the scars in those spaces have never been broken, just to find a way to fit in, to gently cover the damage of life.


All Images via TANK.


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