Open the barn door, a new prelude to rural life: Uckermark Barn Residence, LANDHAUS, Germany

Fergitz, Architekt Thomas Kröger

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will come to the Uckermark in the north of Berlin - the endless plains, the low hills and hills, the small trees scattered in the upper trees, the simple gravel roads... the animal husbandry fences are divided into Homeland, Imagine the rural scenery a hundred years ago, maybe at this moment, there is no difference. The old barn factory building, the lush green grass in the front yard is striking with brickwork and red wall. The wooden arched door is soft and tandem in appearance and space. This is from Berlin. Thomas Kröger Architekt Designed by the firm LANDHAUS (Tenne)The holiday villa, which was converted from the cowshed barn 140 years ago, retains the original external structure, allowing the building to be naturally hidden in the rural field.





Through the three arched doors, the wide hall space is ushered in. The furniture is scattered to the slate floor. The high ceiling structure is the advantage of the early barn building. The huge brick masonry is the core of the whole hall. All the rooms in the room are set around the entire hall. The design team mentioned: "The empty hall is surrounded by several warm, closed small rooms. In the cold season, only these warm and exchange spaces can be used. Like a few small bird nests in a large space."



Image Source: Archdaily
Fergitz, Architekt Thomas Kröger
Image Source: Archdaily

The design team hopes to preserve the history of the building, so that the whole building looks more like a barn building than a holiday villa – retaining the relationship with the surrounding landscape, rather than the abrupt luxury of the building, of course, the material that extends into the interior And the style is quite simple. The rough wood truss and the new structure of the hall are ingeniously combined, and there is no sense of disobedience; the restaurants and kitchens in the high-rise areas are divided into inner and outer parts by glass compartments; simple but colorful furniture choices are used to embellish clean interior spaces. A bit of vitality. The high roof on the dining table is designed as a pyramid-shaped wooden grille. The sunlight that introduces the top skylight between the gaps also becomes the shield between the upper floor and the downstairs dining room.






The other side of the room design is simple and clean, black and white furniture material contrasts with the other side, but the relatively narrow space is therefore visually larger, and the exposed wooden structure outlines the entire space. , not to be unfocused. The bedroom and study on the second floor are connected by a walkway that surrounds the empty space. The upper part of the red brick fire is also the passage on both sides of the series. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, the next move in the atrium is peeped.



Image Source: Archdaily

The level of reading space ranges from the green turf of the courtyard to the wide atrium of the barn, the walkway on the second floor is the fuzzy space of the atrium and the interior, and the vertical space in the two private spaces, which are connected in series and intertwined to give the old house new Life, also fulfilling the dream for the new family, the original rural life prelude on the wilderness is unfolding.




Photography/ Thomas Heimann.
All Images via Thomas Kröger Architekt Unless stated.


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