Back to school-like sense of belonging: Airbnb Dublin International Headquarters

Airbnb's Dublin office was established nearly three years after its recent international headquarters in Dublin. Heneghan Peng Cooperation with architectural firms. The original building was formerly a warehouse of more than 4,000 pings, so the design team used the advantages of the building itself to design a staircase across the different floors in the visual center, perfectly explaining the concept of Airbnb “sharing”.


airbnb dublin hq_5


The overall design style of the Dublin International Headquarters is most noticeable. It is like a long ladder that runs back into the campus and runs through the atrium. This ladder not only becomes a walkway on the upper and lower floors, but also enhances the staff. The transparency of the field of vision promotes the discussion and communication of each other, and the ladder also has the possibility of socializing employees. Airbnb's environmental design team incorporates the concept of “neighborhood” into this plan, and employees can freely discuss groups in semi-open, independent spaces; even turning corners, sofas or simple high chairs are placed in good view. The location allows everyone to pick and choose the corner work.


airbnb dublin hq


airbnb dublin hq_2


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The interior style is made of a large amount of wood, black C-shaped steel and floor-to-ceiling glass as the main material; the furniture selection is dominated by a colorful single chair, creating a relaxed atmosphere of "home" - echoing the spirit of Airbnb. Different from the general office planning, the beige lampshade on the wall adds warmth and calmness. In the open windows of individual semi-open spaces, it is like stepping into a well-designed and comfortable coffee shop.


airbnb dublin hq_23


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airbnb dublin hq_22


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The roof shape of some indoor spaces, or the apex, or the bare lines like industrial style, use the contours of the building itself to find a variety of ways of use; shuttle, involuntarily let people feel the Airbnb living style in the sharing economy, non-stop Inspire the possibilities of creativity.


airbnb dublin hq_25


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To reflect Airbnb's multicultural background around the world, each meeting space is designed from existing Airbnb elements around the world – part of Airbnb's global office design strategy. And at this Dublin headquarters,Heneghan peng The architectural design team also worked with the staff to conceive the decor of the office. The home accessories were selected from the countries on Airbnb's current map, for example,A custom made from a table in Romania, or an ornament from a French home.


airbnb dublin hq_8


airbnb dublin hq_9


airbnb dublin hq_14


For heneghan peng, designing Airbnb's Dublin headquarters is a special experience. In order to let Airbnb's "belong anywhere" work concept be implemented throughout the space, the design team allows many office spaces to visually create a semi-open combination of small units, with a moderate balance. The privacy of space and the social interaction of employees.


airbnb dublin hq_7


airbnb dublin hq_18


The delicate space planning is like Airbnb's living, so relaxed and familiar. It gives people a warm sense of belonging. Responding to the feeling that Airbnb is committed to bringing to customers, "I hope that every Airbnb experience will be so warm and comfortable."


All Images via Dezeen.


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