The absurdity and self-deprecation of life: Woody Allen, when everything is "chaotic"

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There is an old joke that says this:
There are two old women sitting in a resort in the Catskill Mountains, one of them said: The food in this place is really terrible.
Another response: Yes, even the weight is given so little.
This story basically summarizes my view of life - it is full of loneliness, misery, suffering and misfortune, and everything is ending too fast.

- "Anne Hall" (Annie Hall, 1977)

Annie Hall (Anne Hall). Image Source: IMDb.

Annie Hall (Anne Hall). Image Source: IMDb.

Woody Allen has taken many, many movies, and more pirates who specialize in DVDs for the director's career. Every few years, I have to re-add content and design a new cover to keep up with Allen's amazing progress. Today, he is still mass-produced at a rate of one year, which makes people forget that he is a gray-haired old man of 80 years old.

However, Allen's idol, who also influenced his deepest Swedish director Bergman, was only 85 years old when he was shot. It seems that Allen still has a few roads to go.

"Anne Hall" is just 40 years old this year. It is still my favorite Woody Allen movie. After it, almost all the love comedy is a variant of it. Harry ran into Sally and "E-Love Letter" and evolved all the way to "Love Summer (500th)". It can be said that in the style setting of the love of the city and the Bourgeois atmosphere of the middle class, Allen's status as a master has been established as early as the 1970s.

However, when the masters are old and the moves are exhausted, they have turned their eyes for forty years. Allen has also become an old man who has been sarcasm in the famous opening essay of "Anne Hall". In recent years, it seems that the more works The more I found some popular young actors to play the story he had already said three or forty years ago - and apparently better.

Now that Allen’s new film is a little tired, let’s go back and read his short story collection, the experience of meeting the author purely on paper, like re-excavating in a pit filled with familiar smell. Gold mine. If you like his past movies, his favorite subjects are here: the emptiness and secularity of religion, the pastime of art (and even art history), the blackness of crime scenes, the love of healthy or unhealthy food, And the jokes in the performing arts industry.

Other debuts, including psychotherapists and Hollywood tycoons, as well as fascination and fantasy about beautiful women; I have to say that Allen’s attention to the woman’s chest is better than the average man.

"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask" (Sex Collection). Image Source: Pinterest.

"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask" (Sex Collection). Image Source: Pinterest.

However, if his film does not occupy a pivotal position in your life map, you flip this book purely to explore the power of the short story writer Woody Allen, such as the following paragraph, I should bring you some jokes:

I used to doubt everything when I was a teenager, but recently, after reading through Victoria's secret catalogue, I began to believe in the highest gods. ... I scraped my face, put on the most solemn line, and a three-buttoned black top, and any of the funeral ceremonies in the funeral ceremony would be met.

Such a humorous style is undoubtedly Woody Allen.

Woody Allen Humor Story Collection. Image Courtesy of Trojan Culture.

Woody Allen Humor Story Collection. Image Courtesy of Trojan Culture.

Among them, I think the two most interesting articles are "linear theory" and "Zarathustra is eating." The former tries to verify the moral constant of office flirting through the viewpoint of quantum mechanics, while the latter ridicules the classical philosophy. Contemporary health myth. This kind of pseudo-intellectual (Pseudo-Intellectual) type of appropriation and reconciliation, as well as the high-end knowledge placed in the popular context to construct a self-deprecating situation, has always been the trick of Allen.

The 18 short stories contained in "Chaotic" are the articles that Allen once published in the "New Yorker" magazine. On the whole, most of them use the first-person narrative tone of the tidbits, and there are also letters of the past. , scripts and mirrors, and even the court's lawyer witnesses offensive and defensive wars these interesting ways. Looking at the protagonists of the story and the objects they are dealing with, most of them are professional workers in the city - dentists, actors, playwrights, neurologists, or writers who write eulogies for funeral homes. This group of people will read the New York Times every day, and they will go to Barneys Department Store to buy an old-fashioned three-button suit to reward themselves. In the afternoon, they will walk into the cafe on the Park Avenue to play New Orleans Jazz. Sipping a bitter black coffee while thinking about what went wrong with your marriage.

Annie Hall (Anne Hall). Image Source: IMDb.

Annie Hall (Anne Hall). Image Source: IMDb.

On the one hand, Allen outlines the stereotypes of these professionals. On the one hand, they unify a collective image of a man who lacks masculinity, is slightly insecure, is easily deceived, and is always in a bad mood. On the surface, they are not smart enough, and encountering all kinds of ridiculous situations will always be played by clever people between applause, but they will be able to escape in the blink of an eye.

What we should understand is that Allen is a firm atheist, and impermanence is his belief (in other words, which movie is he not relentlessly retelling the concept?), the role in the story is saved, and It does not mean that this life will be immune to fading. On the contrary, if he is pushed down the cliff by the god of destiny, waiting at the bottom of the valley, it is not necessarily a deep abyss.

With the world view presented in this book, the bottom of the valley may be a river made of red wine, and Freud and Nietzsche are already drunk and drunk and swimming there.

Woody Allen Humor Story Collection/Trojan Culture Publishing
After 50 years of amazing filmmaking, it's easy to forget that Woody Allen actually started his career with comedy writing. This book is Allen's best collection of words, each story is like his long-lasting film, from esoteric academic theory, classic literature, biblical stories, reasoning murder, going through the daily life, sneaking in light and witty, such as existence A profound problem of doctrine. And the book's opening is moderately sized and can be perfectly padded on any table to prevent it from shaking.


Image Sources: IMDbLufthansa & Pinterest.
Book Image Courtesy of Trojan Culture.


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