Ancient props life guide: rich and beautiful European and American antique treasure house, BRUNSWICK ANTIQUES

Next to the Civic Avenue, named after the famous Swedish carpenter BRUNSWICK ANTIQUES Enron is quiet, the German Zeiss carbon rod projector at the store, and the American department store's exquisite coin-operated audio stand. Into the store, from the United States, France, Germany and other electrical appliances, lamps and vinyl records, almost all collections before the 1950s, complex craftsmanship and heavy texture as if in the early 20th century old movies. Not far from the alley, it is another storefront SAN GIOGRIO named after the ancient Italian king. And these are just the collection of less than one-twentieth of the owner Fu Longhua, which has traveled to Kaohsiung and the United States, and there are many treasures in the collection warehouse.




SAN GIOGRIO at the entrance, two American tankers and orange paint propellers at the entrance, with a wonderful road history.


Collecting antiques and creations are two different spirits, the latter can be freely played, but the former is a deep retrospective, faithful expression of the glory of antiques in the past.


This amazing and rich collection comes from true love and dedication to old things. The owner, Fu Longhua, has fallen in love with these antiquities since he was the first old American military to collect from the 23rd year old. He especially likes old music pieces, round music iron pieces, carved wooden boxes, roll paper organ, and even countless microphones in the store. Or a dazzling array of classic but unexpectedly modern fans.


In the store, in 1903, Victor's phonograph in the United States, hand-made oak horns and exquisite wood grain sounds are thick; large round iron pieces are early records, and each hole is evidence of sound.
As soon as you enter the door, you will be able to see the full license plate.
All kinds of telephone antiques have been carefully renovated and maintained by the boss and father, and can still be used now.

Fu Longhua and his son Ben are well versed in the maintenance of all the antiques in the store, insisting on the spirit of antique originals, faithfully reflecting the craft spirit and texture of the year, and never making other modifications; and each self-sold item has a lifetime warranty. "Collection of antiques and creation is two different spirits - the latter can be freely played, but the former is a deep retrospective, faithful to the brilliance of antiques in the past." For all kinds of electrical and musical antiques, BRUNSWICK ANTIQUES can make it again Modern use. For those who love antiques, it is no longer just to appreciate the external craftsmanship, BRUNSWICK ANTIQUES is more into the style of life.


No. 31, Section 5, Minhang Avenue, Songshan District, Taipei City
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun/ 01:00 pm-09:00 pm
T: (02) 2747-1111


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