Open appetite with the sun: a restaurant converted from the Chaplin office in 1928, République

The white brick walls and the blue-green geometric pattern tiles add a retro charm to the space. The elegant lighting on both sides is like returning to the old time, bringing a touch of retro feeling - this is the restaurant in République in Los Angeles, originally built on In 1928, architect Roy Sheldon Price built for Charlie Chaplin as his office in Los Angeles. The building itself is very distinctive, flipping the exterior inside, the bottom of the restaurant is like the three lanes of the neighboring lanes, the window and the streetlights; and the atmosphere of the space is the sunlight introduced from the zenith transparent glass. - Let the space energetic in the morning and afternoon, and the evening shines the magical brilliance of the sky. After several twists, it was now taken over by Chef Walter Manzke and his dessert chef Margarita Manzke, bringing the building back on track. The semi-open indoor layout makes people feel relaxed when they enter the door, ready to welcome the delicious food on the table.


Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.





Walter has worked in a well-known European restaurant, and has opened three restaurants and bakeries in other regions including the overseas Philippines (Margarita's hometown); the couple finally decided to return to Los Angeles because it was the place where they met. When they moved back to the city again, because of the separation of the previous days, they made them feel strange to people around them. He knew that he had to work somewhere before setting up a restaurant. For no reason, just re-familiar with it. This person who loves the city and lives here. After more than six years as a chef at Patina, known as "the best French restaurant in Los Angeles," Walter received a high rating and was named "the most optimistic chef star" by the Los Angeles Times, which coincided with the vacancy of the building. The idea of ​​opening a restaurant with Margarita has been built from this. Since its opening in 2013, République has become a must-visit restaurant for visitors to Los Angeles.


Photography/ Sierra Prescott.

"This is a different building. I recognize one thing from it, and I am not sure if other chefs are aware of this. Some ideas tell us how the dining space looks and where it is if the dishes are delicious enough. It doesn't matter where you are, people still come. I don't think so, it should be all-inclusive. When you let the guests feel relaxed and happy, this pleasure will also be returned to the environment, day after day. It condenses into a space of atmosphere. It is warm and comfortable, and it has an atmosphere and a style. This is the most important part of a restaurant - style." Walter said this unique building in his eyes. For him, dining should be a holistic sensory feast, rather than just focusing on the taste of the tip of the tongue, or whether the wine in the slippery mouth overflows from the depths of the throat. The diners’ eyes will look at the design of the space, and the ears will receive the surrounding sounds and the tone or laughter of the people. Every element of the environment is an important element of the mood and senses of the guests. The impression is made up of this.


Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.



République's meals have a French style, and Walter's career has an important relationship with France. "France has some fascinating things, but French cuisine has been ordered with many bad names. Even so, they still have an incredible side, a wonderful sense of sensitivity and sensibility, an amazing element, superb yet simple. The cuisine has continued to inspire me.” He explained that he worked in France. So République's kitchen became a laboratory, and the same raw materials were washed, divided, cooked, and blended, and it was intoxicating to find an entrance in the huge taste map. Walter said: "So you need the right ingredients, the right cooking environment and the right equipment. This is the case."


Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.
Photography/ Sierra Prescott.

Although République has excellent conditions for all fine restaurants, Walter does not want to be positioned as a fine restaurant; “République is not a place to visit on special occasions or occasions, and it is not necessary to have a detailed plan to come here to eat. Everything should be natural. Just one thought, "I want a glass of wine, a steak, a beer, or a fine meal." Here you can be satisfied." République In addition to the dinner, there is also an afternoon tea time for coffee and pastries. If you want a little alcohol, you can have a drink at the bar. This is such a place, or more precisely, a "public place" that provides a wonderful sensory experience, and welcomes anyone at any time.





624 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Opening Hours: 08:00 am – 03:00 pm
Coffee, Pastries, Bread/ 03:00 pm-04:00 pm
Breakfast & Lunch: Walk-ins only.
Dinner: Sun-Wed/ 05:30 pm-10:00 pm
Thurs- Sat/ 05:30 pm-11:00 pm
T: +1-310-362-6115


All Images Courtesy of République.


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