Set Time Free: Remove the scale and let time float in space

Looking at the various clock designs in the workshop, there is no lack of starting from the shape, form, and material, retaining the essence of time advancement, and giving a new stimulus to the visual. A Swedish design company that has established a reputation as a series of "suspended" products.FlyteAfter successful suspension lights and suspension potted plants (reviewed) LYFE suspension potted plantAfter that, the floating clock called "STORY" was recently launched on the fundraising website Kickstarter. The minimalist design of "STORY" has only one silver ball and one wooden circular chassis. Through the magnetic technology, the silver ball can be easily suspended against the gravity in the air by gently placing it on the wooden base. The base rotates as if the time has passed and is random and regular.









STORY does not intend to re-create articles from regular scales or pointers. The three modes illustrate his intention to make "time" another daily activity that looks at "life." From remote to short range, it is divided into journey mode, clock mode, and timing mode.


Journey Mode


Important milestones in life, exams, marriage, the end of life? The journey mode allows you to count down the important dates of your life and watch the silver ball slowly wrap around the chassis to meet important dates.




Time Mode:


The countdown to daily life, taking medicine for two hours, meeting after one hour, cooking for 10 minutes, turning the hourglass-like timing function into a floating silver ball on the disc, staring at it and healing like a vinyl disc.




Clock Mode:


Don't worry, STORY still has basic clocking capabilities. The invisible 12 scales, the movement of the silver ball allows you to know the current time at a glance. As for patients with insomnia, this rotating ball can also bring a number of sheep-like hypnosis effects!




Everyone has the same 365 days, but has a different day.


Although the suspension brings a unique surprise to the daily life, what is really amazing is that Flyte's interpretation of the concept of "time" and the picture let everyone see the passage of time from different angles. Through a small silver ball, a magnetic force against gravity, a textured wooden disc that can stand upright and recline, STORY is not only a clock, home decoration, but also a story, a story-changing life. daily.




All Images via Flyte Kickstarter & Flyte.


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