For 40 years, he used a brush to record the art of decoration at the New York subway station: Philip Ashforth Coppola

Although Brooklyn Street and Central Park are filled with many powerful art creators, New York's subway system is definitely worthy of a must if you choose a New York public art masterpiece. The New York subway extends in all directions, just like the blood vessels of the city, sending fresh blood to the city day and night. The reason why the big apple can maintain its vitality is that the credit of the subway is absolutely indispensable. In addition to the basic transportation functions, the subway in New York is also an art palace for civilians. Classical and pioneering, the unique artistic atmosphere has fascinated many people. If you are in New York, you may have seen a slap in the subway while waiting for the subway; but if you are experiencing an old painting with a cheap ballpoint pen in the notebook Grandpa, congratulations, you met Philip Ashforth Coppola.


Philip Ashforth Coppola_2
Photography/ Yana Paskova.

By taking the New York subway, you'll be sure to notice the impressive site names, signage, and various themes of the mosaics and ceramics on the platform; these beautiful art decorations make up New York's unique Metro culture. For someone who loves the New York subway, what better way to express their love than to paint these art decorations?


Philip Ashforth Coppola, most of the time he is no different from us, just an ordinary printing worker office worker, who goes to work every day. But unlike us, he spent all his spare time exploring the New York subway, painting and painting like a bard, and depicting the mosaic art decoration on the subway platform. With the obsession and love of the New York subway, Coppola has been painting for nearly 40 years since the first painting was drawn in July 1978.


Philip Ashforth Coppola_6
BOROUGH HALL, BROOKLYN. Philip Ashforth Coppola.
Philip Ashforth Coppola_7
137TH STREET-CITY COLLEGE, MANHATTAN. Philip Ashforth Coppola.
Philip Ashforth Coppola_8
Philip Ashforth Coppola_12
CANAL STREET, MANHATTAN. Philip Ashforth Coppola.

But Coppola hasn't planned to stop the brush. This personal plan, which seemed simple at first and complicated to implement, has not been completed yet; now Coppola, 68, is expected to reach all 469 in New York by 2040. The mosaic art decoration of the subway station is finished - by then, he will be in his 90s. Such decades of persistence, even Coppola can not believe how to do it.


Philip Ashforth Coppola_9
18TH STREET, MANHATTAN. Philip Ashforth Coppola.
Philip Ashforth Coppola_10
Philip Ashforth Coppola_11


Unconsciously, the original ordinary printing workers, with self-study, filled 36 copies of a sketchbook with just one ordinary ballpoint pen in the past forty years, and published four volumes of book "Silver Connections" to let people re-recognize the subway in New York. The mosaic is decorated in the middle. Coppola's initial intention to do all of this is actually very simple, in order to record the beauty of the New York subway, pay tribute to those who originally built and designed these decorations.


Philip Ashforth Coppola_3
Photography/ Yana Paskova.

Coppola is like Joe Gould in Joe Gould's Secret (Joe Gould's Secret) - Joe is ambitious and wants to write the longest book in history, "The Contemporary History of Oral", from the strange wanderers in the eyes of others. , became one of the greatest historians of all time - to make his life into a performance art. Regardless of whether Coppola can finish all 469 posts on the site, he has become part of New York's history to some extent.


Philip Ashforth Coppola_4
Photography/ Yana Paskova.

If you are going to visit New York recently, take the Lexington Avenue line and pay attention to the old grandfather who is surrounded by people and graffiti in his notebook; if so, remember to say hello to Philip Ashforth Coppola!


If you are interested in the name of the mosaic station in the New York subway station, check out the "NY Train Project" website, another illustrator Adam Chang who is obsessed with the New York subway, which contains hundreds of his drawings. Mosaic stop sign for the New York subway.


Text/ rubber.
All Images via The New York Times.
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