Between life and death, slowly lose, remember firmly: "I remember under the cherry blossoms"

Chuhai worked in the soba noodle shop, and it looked like a calm young girl. The eyebrows were smiling, but they looked stubborn. The summer is coming, the sun is beautiful, and the Fireworks Festival is waiting for the corner. However, the early sea did not show his smile, as if the heart of the heart is in his arms, can not think of a thorough. On the occasion of the summer season, students who had been taught in Chuhai suddenly appeared, and at the same time they met the young craftsman Xiong Taro who made traditional hand-dyed cloth. Can these temperatures, like the warmth of summer, take care of the life in the early sea and pull her out of the abyss of memories?


Cage of memory, life and death

The film "I remember under the cherry blossoms" is only 88 minutes long. Most of the lenses are shot with natural light. The colors are bright and the summer is clear and the atmosphere is flowing. It is a strong contrast with the protagonist’s expression of the sea and the fullness of the heart. The tension of the film. The film's film head takes a long shot to bring out the tranquility of the cherry blossoms and the beautiful scenery of the sun. In the middle of the path is the figure of the early sea, the face has no expression, it is thoughtful.


Summer_still 1


Chuhai said to himself: "The cherry blossoms of that year, I will always remember." Memory is sometimes like a strong cage. The first sea is deeply trapped. In the past, he became a shackle and trapped himself in the future. The narrative of the whole movie is trivial but keeps flowing, without any sense of delay. When the mind is trapped, the details of life are presented in the slightest ripples. The axis of the story is simple, following the daily life of the first sea, stretching from the moment, picking up the curtains of time and looking back at the past in the first sea. Behind the lazy life, it is the entire life that has been hollowed out. Leaving a person, jealousy and sadness are not simply because they cannot be separated, but part of themselves are not forgotten in the past.


Good and beautiful gifts and appropriate encounters

The past has been paralyzed, and the followers can chase. "I remember under the cherry blossoms" is carried out on a double axis, which combines the feelings of Chuhai with her own boyfriend and the interaction with people who are entering her life. The memories of the living and the deceased are intertwined with each other, overlapping the rich appearance of life. Pulling up the thread between the living and the dead is a gift and acceptance. At first, the sea always owes a debt, and is deeply guilty about the dead boyfriend and his family. It can't really accept the last letter of her boyfriend's death, or the greetings and warmth of her family.


Summer_still 3


In the new life rhythm, Chuhai met the students in the cinema at the beginning of the movie, and the students presented the albums recorded by Chuhai himself; Xiong Taro, who is engaged in the handicraft industry, tore off a hand-dyed handkerchief as a gift. The hand-made objects are like a heartfelt gift, which makes the first sea feel happy, but at the same time uneasy. Uneasy about the heavy meaning behind this mind, and the fear of the relationship behind the gift. Perhaps this is a topic that everyone must face. How to accept the gift and face the relationship between the person, whether it exists between the living, or between life and death.


Summer_still 4


Life is constantly losing, and looking for a true self in the loss


The whole movie is surrounded by big questions about life: What should be forgotten and what should be remembered? The past has been paralyzed, and the living beings are constantly reminiscing. These recollections seem to be lighter than weight, but they are incomparably heavy. Like the letterhead that is pressed deep in the drawer and has not been able to spur the courage to open the seal, the first sea will be buried deep in the memory valley, but in the future, every day and the evening, the people who are dead will be left behind. All weights of the person.


Summer_still 2


In the film, the mother who died of her boyfriend told the early sea: "Life is constantly losing, and looking for the true self in the loss." "I remember under the cherry blossoms" walks at a gentle pace, passing through the life and death, walking through the sorrowful valley, walking through the days that once thought it was embarrassing, naked to the memory itself, facing the fact that it is constantly losing, The power and light of life are discovered.


Nakagawa Ryotaro talks about memory, talks about life and death, and tells the most painful subject in life in a light way. Regarding those who have already left, may regret or be stunned, but they cannot be chased. Climbing the life with poetic language, he exquisitely expresses the innermost emotional flow and precipitation of the human heart, and counts the sigh of death and the sigh of life.


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