White box in heaven: Neri&Hu "Suzhou Church"

If the building is a cultivation, building a church is like creating a gallery close to God. Looking at it, there are various sacred churches built for faith in the East and West. Whether it is a church or a temple, the architectural body carries the architect's beliefs and worldview. From the Sagrada Família in Spain, the Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, to the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, the beauty of the building itself is one of them. Walking into the depths, the atmosphere in the sanctuary is the focus of architecture.


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Based in ShanghaiRon Design Lab(Neri&Hu), co-founded by designer Guo Xien and Hu Rushan, has not only been a familiar face of major international design exhibitions, but also a permanent winner of various awards. He has won Architizer A+ Awards, Wallpaper* Design Award, and ELLE Decoration International Design. Grand prizes and other favors. The latest work "Suzhou Chapel", the ethereal and mysterious appearance, combined with the simple and harmonious inner lining, makes it a beautiful Suzhou indicator spot, and has created a quiet corner for the local people.






The serene white cube is the first impression of the Suzhou church. Located in the newly built resort on the shore of Yangcheng Lake, the architectural vocabulary of the Suzhou Church is taken from the natural elements of the park, such as the brick walls with deep and shallow piles, and the white bricks that are scattered and shaped like floating, perfectly stacking the church body structure. The Suzhou church is covered by double layers of interior and exterior materials with different textures and temperament, and shows different styles with detailed light and shadow changes. Inside, it presents a minimalist shape with four sides of a square window, and the outer layer is covered with a hole-shaped metal skin, like a veil, so that the world's eyes need to penetrate to see the looming outline.




During the daytime, under the natural light, she exudes a clean and sacred atmosphere; at night, she reveals a simple glow from the inside out like a jewel case, revealing an elegant atmosphere. Standing in the middle of the staggered stone wall walkway, the Suzhou church became the light of hope in the dark night, attracting people to forget.






Walking into the main hall of the church, the height of 12 meters is a meditation, and the quiet atmosphere is especially refreshing. The bottom is surrounded by gray stone brick walls, with a piece of wooden shutters on the top; the irregularly arranged window frames on the four sides shape the outer natural landscape into a picture frame, and the borderless nature is natural. The 360-degree surround walkway in the mezzanine of the building, in addition to accommodate more visitors, also offers different angles overlooking the church panorama.








The details hidden in the magnificent building are the surprises that can always be found in Neri&Hu's work. From the choice of materials that are integrated into the local environment, the minimalist and quiet introduction of the interior of the outdoor landscape, and the gray concrete steps that connect the roof landscape and echo the exterior wall materials, the entire church is full of natural wind and humanity. Whether it is a dialogue with God or the soul, you can feel the temperature brought by the space, making this invisible and thick.


All Images via Yatzer.


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