A touch of moonlight, reflecting the group image of Hong Kong's turbulent times: "When is the moon?"


History is a piece of words, but also a plethora of enthusiasm; each person is close to each other,butIn order to seek knowledge, it is worth remembering.



As we grow older, we feel that history is getting more and more fragrant, because history is mostly non-fiction, even more ridiculous than fiction. When you are close to people, there will always be a moment of unforgettable moments. Recording and narration, reappearing, and the taste of life that is both familiar and unfamiliar enough to make future generations feel invisible. The helplessness of the small people in the turbulent times of the big era, the love and hate of the high and low-ranking people, all the way to talk about the big screen goodbye; the turbulent and magnificent, or the nameless abandonment of the world, the chisel is especially deep. There was "Golden Age" before, and later "When is the moon", all from the director of Xu Anhua. "Golden Age" is about the soft and embarrassing emotional entanglement of the talented woman Xiao Hong, and her twists and turns in the war. In order to avoid the disappearance of culture in the war, the ordinary or noble past, Enron has witnessed. "When a few months of the moon" is the highest state of the spirit of the times, the precious cultural blood depends on the authentic people; under the moonlight, I am astonished.


Xu Anhua, director of "When is the moon?"

Heavy and dragging forward, the will involuntarily stayed in the fall of Hong Kong; the decisive and indifferent of the benevolent people is the documentary of "Most of the Moon" on youth and life. At the end of 1941, Hong Kong fell, and the Japanese invaded Hong Kong in mad looting. They searched for cultural figures stranded in Hong Kong and forced them to cooperate. The Hong Kong Dongjiang guerrillas received instructions from their superiors to rescue the cultural figures in Hong Kong and Kowloon. The sacrifices such as gun battles, street fighting, bombing and smoke were endless. In the three years and eight months of mourning, a group of licorice characters defended. Hong Kong and the ferocious Japanese army fight, dedication, deduction.




The children’s personal feelings placed in the troubled times are equally tormenting. Inheriting the "Golden Age", "When the Moon is a Time" begins with the face of the legendary female "Prime School Teacher Fang Lan", and then creates the enthusiasm of the two-year special agent Li Jinrong and Liu Hezi of the short-gun team. The thrilling and unrequited heart of each line is full of sorrows, and at the same time, the path of suffering is a strange path that outlines the three people's vivid appearance.








When is the moon? Ask the wine to ask the sky. I don’t know what the palace is, but what year is it.


Taken from the fascinating singer of Su Dongpo, the fascinating singer of the water, and the direct question: "When is the moon?", not only the desire of the crowd in the turbulent times, but also the squad between Li Jinrong and the Japanese officers. "," the argument of "he". It seems that Pingyin calls the word to choose, but also listens to the thunder in silence, trying to reflect the inner monologue of the Hong Kong people in the enemy. People who are unable to sleep because of their enthusiasm, whether they are full of enthusiasm, should they be like each other, or if they are chilling? Good poetry and good words, into the title and into the soul, to see the "Ming" film Gao Ming. Love is a must, throwing a patriotic sentiment of blood and blood, there is still tenderness like water. In the last sentence, "I hope that people will last forever, and they will have a thousand miles." The love between Fang Lan and Li Jinrong is depicted in a few moments. Looking at the moon and night, thinking of the distant people, only those who are willing to miss, can last for a long time, no disaster and no disease; even if it is impossible to reunite, send a heart away from thousands of miles away, and enjoy this round of bright moon, so that it is easy to hope. When I look back at the red dust, there are lovers who hate the night, and the whole night is deeper. The poetry of "The Moon is a few times" is overflowing in the lines.




Perhaps first-time, "When the moon is a little", the viewer will give the viewer a sizzling day, his wife's ion and the bloody anti-Japanese scene. But in reality, the protagonist’s daughter-in-law takes the lead in salvaging the literati, although it’s a matter of keeping his head on his belt, but he’s not humble.;Everyday leisurely is the cognitive transformation of the female genius, and it is also the sorrowful feelings of the savage people, but also the heroic spirit of the heroes. The monologue and the lens language alone show a moment of aura.




The film features an excerpt from the Chinese writer Mao Dun's "Twilight": "...the wind has gone with the declaration of the sunset. Like a sudden melting, the numerous golden eyes of the sea are flattened to the dark green face. There is a tragic and strong scream. The darkness of the night will be heavy and falling..." Like a whole wedge, the sunset is magnificent by the sea; the lofty ambition, the broad mind and the firm belief are always urging people. Prosperous. Director Xu Anhua’s joys and sorrows, which are still known in the film, are still in the film. Tragic physique should be praised, and public opinion is also reviewed through a surviving person. Recalling the fragmentary statement, that pity and vicissitudes of life made the people in the past jump on paper. Looking at Hong Kong today, high-rise buildings are more than a row of scales. Although they are sighed by the past, the group portraits of Hong Kong people in wartime are as vivid as they are.


All Images Courtesy of Double Happiness Movie Double Happiness Movie.


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