The view from the window is the most beautiful living scenery: pure white minimalist Tokyo private house with open balcony

When everyone is thinking about how to save space, there will always be people who think unexpectedly backwards. This minimalist residence in Tokyo is a good example. In Tokyo, where space is small, some people are so wasted. The balcony turns into a landscape of home.


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by Takuro Yamamoto The house designed by the studio looks square and clean, as if it were just a white square standing there, but the ingenuity can be found. Takuro Yamamoto Studio divides the home into two, and aggressively turns half of the space into a parking space and a raised balcony. The other half of the space is planned by the general home, with a master bedroom, guest room, study, kitchen and living room. , the same is not lacking.


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Because the homeowner has a simple request for home and only wants to have a comfortable free space, Takuro Yamamoto Studio boldly uses this method to plan a rare and spacious space, allowing the sun to naturally spill and allow the residents to retain Your own space. Connected to the balcony on the second floor, Takuro Yamamoto Studio features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an expansive view even when the doors and windows are closed when it is cold. The interior is lined with wood that is mildly white, so that there is no white space in the house. It looks cold.


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This space may be considered too wasteful, and the storage space is not enough, but in fact, because of the two parts cut, the storage space can be well hidden in the stairwell and the mezzanine, sometimes let go of the courage Planning and design, but can get unexpected surprises from it, who can think of a great storage space in addition to the broad and comfortable vision?




Text / Irene Hsu
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