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Haruki Murakami wrote in "Meeting 100% Girl": "On a sunny morning in April, I passed by a 100% girl in an alley in Harajuku." The boy looked at her and ignited Unlimited beautiful fantasy. Although she did not show anything, she passed her by, and there was still a tiny, warm air blowing over his skin, surrounded by the fragrance of roses. If the cities are all thousands of faces, then 100% of the girls are in Antwerp, Belgium; she is not particularly lively, not crowded with madness, at a leisurely pace, everything is just right. Maybe you can't meet the 100% girl in life, but in Antwerp you can always have 100% fresh and leisure; when you walk up the world map, you don't want to pass it.




If you visit Antwerp, you will quit the bad habit of going out to sleep and wake up naturally; from the morning, you will be gently awakened, even if you just walk aimlessly on the street, it is a charming invitation to the sun. After strolling to the Stadspark Triangle Park in the city to feed the ducks in the lake, you can walk to the corner and turn into Van Breestraat, in pure white. BARCHEL The restaurant has a brunch. BARCHEL, the name of the restaurant is taken from the names of the two good friends, Charlotte and Ellen, plus "Bar" to point out the diet and the small gathering. The two people who dreamed of opening a restaurant decided to practice their dreams in 2016 last year. The partnership opened the door of BARCHEL. With healthy eating and bright space as the latitude and longitude, plus 100% intentional management, creating a unique day for the locals. The dream is just a little lazy after waking up.








Charlotte and Ellen opened the three compartments of the original pattern, stepped on the narrow shop door stairs and stepped into the room, and they could look at the store at a glance. The all-white wall adds warmth to the wood grain floor, and the white tile bar is simple and design. The large window next to the door allows the sun to penetrate into the space. The gentle light lights up the good mood of the day and is warm. Care for the planting of the corners of the store. The red brick wall at the back preserves the original nostalgic atmosphere of the building, hangs on a girl's shaking figure - guess, maybe that is 100% of the girls in their hearts. Go to the end and don't have a hole in the sky, push the glass door at the bottom, the small courtyard is hidden in the building; the less hot afternoon, accompanied by the shade and the breeze, take a good book, depicting a pleasant afternoon.










The main promotion in Antwerp promotes a healthy eating culture. The meal really looks delicious and appetizing. The meals that make the local people crazy, Charlotte and Ellen proudly say: "The popularity of avocado toast is high. According to the two, although avocado toast is a popular menu all over the world, Antwerp does not; in order to eat avocado toast, BARCHEL began to sell it himself, and was unexpectedly praised by the locals. .




Delicious and healthy cuisine, with comfortable space and gentle sunshine, BARCHEL is only open from breakfast until 5 pm, and it is no exaggeration to call it a unique daydream. Make an appointment in Antwerp for a morning and meet your 100% beautiful everyday imagination; and perhaps at BARCHEL, you can start a different morning.


Van Breestraat 6, Antwerp, Belgium
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri/ 08:00 am-05:00 pm
Sat/ 09:00 am-05:00 pm
T: +32-3-501-64-16


All Images via BARCHEL.


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