Drink coffee on tatami! The century-old house style of Starbucks Kyoto Erning Tea House

Most brands create a chain storefront, in order to highlight the brand's iconicity, basically adopt a unified decoration style, and make some fine-tuning according to the store layout; however, this kind of recognition can be recognized at a glance, and each family does not have much space for similarities and differences. The design approach seems to be too monotonous and unique to the customer. Starbucks, the world's largest chain of coffee brands, seems to have already noticed this. In addition to expanding new stores around the world, it also knows how to combine the local style to choose the style of the store and integrate the coffee culture into the local life.


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In the patina of Kyoto, Japan, there is also such a wonderful and elegant city of Starbucks, which allows visitors to stroll through the old streets of Kiyomizu-dera to have a rest and to taste the beautiful little world of Kyoto's charming nostalgia. Located in the old street of Erning, Jingning, Kyoto, the brand new Erning Tea House store is different from other Starbucks stores. In this century-old old town, the Starbucks Mermaid is the first to be seen. The logo is different from other dark green exclusive navy curtains; in order to prevent this highly historic building from forming a strong conflict with the surrounding buildings, the original appearance and interior are preserved to the maximum extent. With layout. Therefore, this new Starbucks store has become the first store in the world to allow customers to drink coffee on "tatami!"


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Come here, when the tourists walk through the warmth of the door, the slim corridor is like a time tunnel, leading the travellers to take a trip to the ancient and modern journey; then on the 2nd floor, there are 3 tatami mats. In the dining area, you can use Kyoto's brocade cushions in the seating area to let customers enjoy the coffee in a quaint atmosphere! The Starbucks Kyoto Erning Tea House, which is a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, has opened on June 30th. This is the world's first "Tatami Starbucks" store, which is believed to attract many people to pilgrimage.


Starbucks Kyoto Erning Tea House
349, the north gate of the Kota-ji Temple in the Dongshan District, Kyoto City


Txet / Ian Liu.
All images via Starbucks.
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