On this autumn day, we listen to the echo of the mountains, interview with ROTH BART BARON

Masaya's studio in London.

Composed of Mifune Masaya (vocals/guitars) and Tetsuya Nakahara (drums) ROTH BART BARONAlthough it is a double series, the live performances are mostly performed in a large lineup combining various instruments. Last year, I was invited to Taiwan to perform with the Swedish orchestra The Radio Dept. It was highly praised as a clear echo from the valley. And Mono (review Mono interview), The fin. The fin. Touring RaidersThe Japanese orchestra is also developing in the world. The music of ROTH BART BARON has a wide continental landscape, while retaining the unique sorrows of Japan. Looking back at the concert with The Radio Dept., even fans left behind. The performance is actually two Nordic groups, but one is singing a comment like Japanese.

Following the first album of the same name recorded in the United States and the second album "ATOM" completed in Canada, this year ROTH BART BARON traveled to the UK to collaborate with Bradley Spence, the ace producer of Radiohead, Coldplay, Belle and Sebastian, and released the "Demian" in the summer. (UK mix)〉<ATOM(UK mix)〉Two new singles. Before the advent of the winter, the lead singer Mifune Masaya chatted with us about the ocean.

. Going back to Tokyo? What are you busy with recently?

I just came back from the UK and I am currently doing nothing in Tokyo (laughs). Of course, I am also preparing for the creation of new songs, just like the hibernating bears, looking forward to the arrival of spring.

. From the previous albumATOM"It has been nearly three years.ROTH BART BARON Is there any plan to release new work in the near future?

In addition to the two re-released singles, we also released a new song "dying for" in early October, and the EP of the same name will be released in November. This is the recording we completed in the UK this spring. Currently, Spotify, AppleMusic and Taiwan's KKBOX can be heard. I hope you will like it.

. 12 month ROTH BART BARON Will be atYamagata Country Museumshow. This year, you are also performing in the Yamagata elbow international sound sacred festival, and the snow is so beautiful! Are the members all from the Northeast? How would you describe the city to people who have never been to the mountain?

"Are you an orchestra from the Northeast?" Hahahaha! We are often asked by everyone! In fact, both of us grew up in Tokyo, but my aunt lived in Yamagata and lived there when I was a child. Yamagata is a city with a lot of snow in the northeast, where people are very gentle and quiet. We will perform at the Yamagata Rural Museum on December 23rd - it is a very beautiful architectural monument, and we will bring a specially prepared unplugged performance.

Masaya's studio in London.

Masaya's studio in London.

. At ROTH BART BARON In the music, it seems that you can feel the natural scenery such as wind, snow, forest, etc., just like the cover of your single song, "What is the music or environment that affects your creation?"

I am personally influenced by the American folk songs. I am easily attracted by primitive and pure things. I don't know why, haha ​​(oh, I also like Taiwanese old songs very much). Of course, we sometimes use the latest technology to make music. After all, we live in modern times; but I always think about it, those about the true touch, atmosphere and tranquility. I think that the birth of a song, both human and natural, is like light and shadow.

Masaya's studio in London.

Masaya's studio in London.

.ROTH BART BARON Last year and The Radio Dept. The performance in Taiwan has caused great repercussions. What is the most memorable thing about that performance? Any plans to return to Taipei?

The most memorable one is definitely the Taiwanese audience! Everyone is too warm and too energetic, and I still remember the picture on the Legacy stage. Then, The Radio Dept.'s performance was great, and it was a great honor to be with them in Taiwan. I am ready to go back to Taiwan at any time (laugh), I hope to see you again soon! Xie Xie!

ROTH BART BARON Last year's performance with The Radio Dept. at Taipei Legacy.

ROTH BART BARON performed with The Radio Dept. at the Legacy in Taipei last year.

The two-member orchestra, which was formed by the lead singer/guitar, Sanya, and the drummer, also released the debut album "ロットバルトバロンの冰河期" in 2014. The following year, the film was recorded in Canada and cooperated with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Two albums "ATOM"; have participated in many large-scale music festivals such as SUMMER SONIC and Fuji Rock, and the unique music performance has been well received both at home and abroad. The latest work of the orchestra, "dying for", will be released in November 2017.

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