Listen to a "solidified music": How does architecture become a sound? Thai sound designer opens the building's "listening aesthetics"

Walking in the city, seeing the building, road planning, and plant landscape, constitutes the city in our eyes. Among them, architecture is an image indicator of urban style.


American city architect Lewis. Mumford Lewis Mumford once said: "The city is a container of culture. The urban architecture is called "solidified music". It carries and solidifies not only the architectural art, but also the social culture, history and culture, and national culture of different eras. , regional culture, political culture." Unlike the world, Lewis. Mumford used the “sound” that is the least relevant to architecture to describe the importance of architecture. After many years, Noble Development, a well-known Thai manufacturer, tried to create it by listening. New architectural aesthetics, then, how does architecture become a sound?





Noble Development is one of the well-known developers in the real estate industry in Thailand. It is a thriving attempt to take advantage of the Thai design and construction industry to break through the tradition of inviting people to “listen”. Experience the aesthetics of architectural design. Nobo invited the famous Thai sound designer Tum Monotone (Sathapat Teeranitayapap) to work together to decode Noble's five constructions and match the colors. When many people still don't know much about the work of "sound designer" and think that this work still needs to rely on video work such as movies, animations, etc., Nobo breaks through the general cognition and boldly invites Tum to replace The building is dubbed. Tum replaces the white, gray and black in the floor plan with the volume of "0%", "50%" and "100%", and reads the image through a special machine and disassembles it into different volume levels. Write a melody dedicated to each building for the standard, "Find your own beats."




In order to play the sound of the building, the team developed a special machine to scan the image of the floor plan, read the color value of the color with the sensor, convert the color value into sound and output it, based on the sound of the building. "Output; which adds to the sounds heard in the space of the construction, such as the footsteps when walking indoors, the footsteps walking outdoors, the sound of water flowing in the landscape design, and the sound of the wind as it passes through the leaves. Sound... At this time, maybe you realize that I have already heard the "building voice".



Inspired by the modernist design philosophy of “less is more”, it uses simple lines to create beautiful and soothing shadows in composite buildings. From simple slats, steel and glass to modern building materials that echo the true identity of the building, breathtaking natural marble, and aesthetically understand the sounds that belong to Noble






The exhibition held at the Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 21 to 24 this year, hopes to show the sound of the building through such a special building. In addition to the sounds of Noble, Noble has created its own melody for its key projects; for example, The Sound of Noble BE19, which expresses a seamless life with soothing spurs; Noble BE33's unique melody It represents the characteristics of multiculturalism in this area. When people never imagined that they could "hear" the building, Nobo had weaved their own sounds, melody and rhythm for each architectural work.



In the design and inspiration of Bangkok, the details and craftsmanship have become the standard of attention, and those magnificent designs are not as good as the intentions and design. "Noble: The Sound of Architecture" vividly presents the brand philosophy and core beliefs of "be different, be noble". In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, Nobo puts his mind back to the original original intention of the building: design and livability, design due to demand, story with design, to lay the value of the brand, and more to find Unplaceable speciality: the sound of architecture. It is a pity that we can't leave for Thailand to appreciate at any time, but fortunately, now you can "hear" architectural aesthetics by wearing headphones.



All images via Noble Development.
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