The glimmer of the lanes: the old-fashioned craftsmanship, walk into the DOS TALLERS ceramics studio in Barcelona

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I often heard that my friends who arrived in Spain first arrived in Spain, and they took the unrecognized baggage with enthusiasm and embarked on the famous La Rambla in Barcelona, ​​lingering in the cheap fashion flagship stores. The fashionable items on the shelves were picked up and put down by the young girls, and the suede boots and the coarse-knit sweaters that were lucky to fall into the shopping basket were always in the same way, and they couldn’t help but have the ball and the flat sole. In less than two seasons, Replace the old one.

Thinking of the winter before the cold current in previous years, my mother saw me coming up north with a jacket and a thin sweater. She turned and sneaked her young wool scarf into my arms while packing her luggage. The weather is cold, don't wear warm clothes. Just like a childhood dream scarf, light and soft like a low-pitched lullaby, the embroidery is delicate and charming with the blue outline of the lake, and the needles can feel the care of the weaver, which is the delicate handwork that can not be replaced by fast fashion.

Located in the northwestern part of Barcelona, ​​Gracia, as the name "grace" means, if the skyline of Gaudí is the language of God, then Gracia is the creative water in the city. In the fashionable and small lanes of this area, there are many young artists who are self-reliant, and craftsmen who have been working in metalworking, leather or ceramics for a long time. They are not unassuming, they are lame, and they are silently on their own side. The world is cultivating, trying to resist the rise of fast fashion with the craft in hand.

Among them, Dos Tallers is such a hand-made workshop combining textile and pottery.

Break into the stone brick lanes of the roundabout and accidentally miss the wooden door with the words "Dos Tallers" on it. "Dos" is the "double" in Catalan, and "Taller" is the meaning of the studio. The appearance of Dos Tallers is low-key and calm, exuding a reassuring and rustic smell, just like two A temperamental hostess. In this small workshop divided into two, there is a corner of all kinds of delicate and attractive buttons and ceramics. It is a potter. Victoria Ibars The work space; the various kinds of weaving, wood grain and porcelain buttons in the wall-mounted storage cabinets are dazzling, the large workbench is a lively and bizarre pottery design, and a bundle Bundles of cotton and unformed soft clay.

"This is all I have in my life," Victoria said with a smile. Graduated from the Institute of Technology in Barcelona, ​​she has been involved in ceramics for 18 years. She used to design ceramics and furniture. She is interested in fashion and occasionally orders buttons and necklaces for many old customers. Such as personal accessories. At one time, Victoria's jewellery works were unexpectedly favored by cutting-edge designers and on Fashion Week. Today, she is a professional ceramics artist and a professional button craftsman.

When talking about buttons, she is more than anyone else: "If it is a black velvet round neck dress, it will be more elegant with antique gold-plated buttons. As for the cloak with a oxford feel, the marble button is made of marble. It will add a few maturity and solemnity. Although Spain is a big country of fast fashion brands (laughs), I still have a lot of old guests, I like to choose the right cloth on the cloth store, discuss the style and tailoring with the tailor, and then choose Neckline, buttons and cufflinks. For them, "pick selection" is a must, and a tasteful exercise."

At the other end of the Dos Tallers space, there are many soft, colorful cloaks and scarves that are cleverly matched with gentleman's hats and leather gloves. This is another owner of the workshop. Anna Solà Work space. Dressed in a plain wool shawl, she is gently combing the wool shawl in the hand of Peru's traditional hand-woven method. Anna's textile works are all pure natural silk, linen and wool. The three woven looms behind them are handmade. Different from Victoria's enthusiasm, this woman who seems to be elegant, rigorous and even shy, was originally a linguistic teacher at a university, not only Spanish, English and Catalan, but also French. Céret resident artist, she can also speak fluent French.

Image Courtesy of Dos Tallers.
Image Courtesy of Dos Tallers.
Image Courtesy of Dos Tallers.
Image Courtesy of Dos Tallers.

Asked why the teacher's job was removed from the textile creation, Anna smiled and said: "One day after teaching the 30-year book, there was a sudden sound in my heart: now I want to do what I really love!" Anna is like his The textile works are generally warm, soft and timeless, with a touch of Catalonia. "When I was young, I always liked to sit next to my grandmother and watch her woven a winter scarf. I have a very good friend who is also engaged in textile creation. She is complete with my weaving technique." The Institute of Technology, talking about her familiar weaving skills, she smiled confidently: "Of course, relying on enthusiasm and perseverance to learn!"

Looking back at the birth of Dos Tallers, Victoria smiled and said: "I originally had my own studio. I had a relationship with Anna and I really liked her work. About a year ago, we thought that since each other is a craft. Craftsmen, the rhythm of work also fits, so why not open a two-person studio?” Today, Dos Tallers is celebrating its full anniversary. In the past year, Victoria and Anna have been working in this small workshop. The workshop, whether it is to cook with the children, or to teach the students of the Fashion Design Department to familiarize themselves with the traditional woven techniques, the two talk about the work at hand, the eyes are burning enthusiasm.

When the Christmas holiday is coming, I see Victoria and Anna running in and out, preparing for the decoration inside and outside the store and on the street. At the beginning of December, Barcelona began to drizzle, walking on the Gracia Boulevard in the rain, I reached for the scarf on the neck and shoulders, and the heart was full of sweet warmth. If you have a chance to visit Barcelona next time, you may wish to take a trip to Dos Tallers and bring back a unique hand fabric, a genuine button and jewelry, which may remind you of year after year. .

Dos Tallers
Carrer de Vic, 7, 08006 Barcelona
T: +34-934-15-81-34

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