Buying notes | Picking a room for North African style, MERCHANT selection store

Perhaps the same as the wine, Chen Yuexiang, the older the more items, the more delicious. With delicate totems, calm colors and fascinating details, "The Ancients" always has a fan of diehard fans around the world, using a unique eye to screen the texture of life, from wearing, home furnishings to life attitudes. Replace the unique taste.




This retro store in Los Angeles - MerchantThe name of the store is taken from the English "businessman". It was created by stylist Denise Portmans. Since 2014, it has been arranging various medieval antique furniture and home decoration crafts from the world. A large collection is nothing more than a gorgeous and thick Moroccan carpet. Through the artistic display method, the past and present tastes conflict and blend in the small storefronts; the guests visiting the place are not only the random passengers, but also more from the operating homestays, art galleries and Designers and collectors who plan activities. Whether it's a special-style homestay or action camper, or an art gallery or market selection, Merchant can choose the right one for them.








"Why do I use the store name as " Merchant"?"

"Because I am a businessman!"







Before starting this store, Denise was a stylist who was very creative and talented in decorating and dressing. After the birth of Merchant, the replacement of furnishings and layout became a major event after each purchase of goods - the acquisition of goods has a A creative scene theme, this is the main reason why Merchant is always full of energy and lively style.




In addition to the store that sells furniture and handicrafts, Merchant also has its own gallery "Merchant Gallery", which brings together various art selections and handicrafts from North Africa and presents them in a modern style. Provide customers with another choice of artistic layout. A unique combination of craftsmanship and taste, from Denise's own love of art; "My inspiration comes from many artists, designers and architects. List some people like Louis Barragan, Ruth Asawa, Calder, Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth Henry Moore and Charles & Ray Eames. On the Instagram of Merchant, Denise also often shares the works of these artists and architects as inspiration for the moodboard.







At the same time, there is also a selection of property houses called "Merchant House". Those who love North African style and ancient travellers can book directly through Airbnb and experience the experience surrounded by Moroccan style. From the living room, the kitchen to the bedroom, each space is full of details, like the retrograde time through the antiquities, delicately placed the visual texture of each corner.



It is worth mentioning that the 1975 American classic camper Airstream, which was co-operated by Merchant and Joshua Tree Acres, brings you back to the old days and gallops in the western desert. In the small camper van, the layout is all arranged by Merchant: Moroccan totem sofa, carpet, lamps, and even pots and pans on the table, from point to line, finally forming a face, complete a comprehensive enveloping experience, thoroughly integrated The desert style of the West and North Africa.





Like a hand-painted brush, Denise uses Merchant to sway in the space, sketching a room for another North African fantasy feast.


3002 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed/ by appointment
Thu-Sat/ 12:00 pm-06:00 pm
Sun/ 02:00 pm-06:00 pm


All images via Merchant Instagram.


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