Under the blue sky, open a triangular skylight: Fucheng Container Coffee House, ARA Coffee Co

The rhythm of self-satisfaction, still can't refuse the "comfortable guest" of the small trouble; the late morning of late sleep, always have to give up the long queue of long-handed coffee shops, but do not want to Super business will be free to "energy supply" at the beginning of the day. Although such an embarrassing moment does not affect the quality of life, but we are addicted to coffee, but in the rush of the footsteps, quietly conceive a blueprint of life in the brain: if the living community happens to have sunshine With a rich aroma cafe, how good it should be. The scene came to the corner of Anping, Tainan, with ARA Coffee Co The initial unexpected encounter was deeply attracted by its bold appearance.



Come to Tainan, which is known as the "Gourmet Capital", and don't hurry to find the food stalls in the local area; walk along the streets of Anping District and let yourself be immersed in the calm and calm pace of life in the community. As soon as I looked up, three pure white container houses caught my eye and were puzzled by the use of the building. I saw the capitalized "A" inlaid on the white room board, with the fragrant coffee scented into the nose; Next, instead of the light and colorful cloud color, it has become the visual focus of the residential building.



ARA Coffee Co's eye-catching space byDingji ArchitectsCreated, three 20-foot container units are connected in series to form a triangular field, and also cleverly connected to the office area, order bar and seating area; under the limited building materials, a coffee shop is perfectly constructed. A must-have function prototype. In the interior space design, the design team not only retains the original texture of the industrial wind, but also reinterprets the relationship between the building and the urban environment through large-area windows, expansion nets, light-diffusing diffusers, etc. - as in the residential area The white Lego, incarnates as a simple and elegant square box, gazing at the flowing life of the city.


Image Source: ARA Coffee Co Facebook.





In order to control the budget, the design team also considers the integration of the building's exterior and interior materials. For example, a continuous workbench with a white steel plate concavely folds the furniture in a limited space like a piece of paper, thereby reducing the pressure caused by the crowded space. In addition to being a leisure place for community residents, ARA Coffee Co also set up a special free-looking driveway for the majority of locomotive commuters. The gravel is used to define the lanes, but it also forms a simple and undulating landscape. Elegantly spread into the interior of a triangular atrium separated by three containers; pure white walls, with gravel and green plants, delicately separated from a mini corner under the blue sky - 啜Drinking coffee and leaning on the innocent space, all kinds of worries seem to be easily forgotten, leaving this moment of silence to yourself.






Coffee is not good, it is just a tonality for people who are not suitable for drinking. You don't have to cater to anyone, but who will definitely suit you.


Image Sources : ARA Coffee Co Facebook.

Just like the brand image of ARA Coffee Co, the simple storefront also gives people a sense of comfort. Here, let go of the cumbersome lace decoration, look at the pure white wall, like a simple base map, set off the importance of "drinking coffee." It is the owner of the baking peasant. It is very particular about choosing beans, baking, and extracting. Therefore, in addition to selling freshly brewed coffee, the coffee beans are also available for patients with heavy coffee addiction, so that the throat is sweet. Extend to become a daily nutrient – ​​like this container cafe standing in the middle of the house, quietly telling the continuation of a better life.



ARA Coffee Co
Container house next to No.7, Lane 107, Health Third Street, Anping District, Tainan City
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun/ 07:00 am-07:00 pm
T: 06-298- 6387


Photography/ 赵宇晨unless stated otherwise.
Images Courtesy of  Dingji Architects Unless stated otherwise.


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