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The fin., which just finished the tour of eight cities in China, will return to Tokyo and begin to prepare for the upcoming Taipei performance. The Japanese band The fin., which was born in Kobe, first came to Taiwan in 2015, and since then it has opened a record of their tickets for every trip to Taiwan.

Listening to The fin. It is hard to imagine that this is a young orchestra from Japan, with fluent English lyrics and perfect retro illusion, and new groups such as Ykiki Beat, DYGL, and Suchmos in the same period in the Japanese music scene. whirlwind". "Through The Deep" EP eponymous title song invited Taiwanese actor Yao Aijun to star in the MV actress, like the decadent scene of the end of the world, but with a dreamy tune melody, with a beautiful contrast to success caused the topic.

The fin., which is currently living in London, brought the latest album "There" in March this year. The bassist Takayasu Taguchi left the group in early 2017 because of physical rehabilitation. The current members are Yuto Uchino and Ryosuke Odagaki. And the three-person program of Kaoru Nakazawa, and this new album tour has joined the British drummer support. In 2016, the members were"Through The Deep" propaganda tourWhen we worked with The fin. at The WALL InterviewIn the past two years, this time, with the new album "There", I will visit Taipei again. We and the lead singer Yuto review the changes in this period.

. The fin. Since 2016, I have moved to London to settle down. What is the difference between London and Tokyo for you?

Both are very busy metropolises, but I personally feel that Tokyo is busier and more stressful. Everyone in Tokyo is working very hard. I respect them very much, but at the same time I feel the pressure from projection. For me, it is not a good environment for music creation.

. After more than three years, you finally released the second album "There", can you share with us the birth of this new album?

The songs on the album are all the ones I lived in when I lived in Tokyo. Most of them were written during the tour in Asia, Europe and the United States. All the inspiration comes from the experience in the tour. Two years ago, I finished the basic recording work in the studio in Tokyo, then we moved to the UK and worked with Bradley Spence and Alexander Beizke on two great producers – this is the best in my life. One of the experiences.

. Which of your favorite moments are in the process of recording an album?

In the past, I always completed all the post-production work by myself. But this time, the new album I worked with the two producers, which made me feel very happy, especially when I got together and got together.

. What do you think of The fin. From "Days With Uncertainty" to the development of "There" now? What else are you going to try in the future?

In this new album, I feel that I can express my music more freely - this feeling is like a closer connection between me, the instrument and the melody. Basically, I have been working hard to face my own music creations honestly, and I intend to continue.

. In the past, you handed over several remixes with Petite Noir and others. In addition, have you planned to work with other musicians in the near future?

I don't have any thoughts on this yet, because now I put all my energy into my orchestra; but I also look forward to this opportunity in the future.

. Before you worked with the director Guan Genguang, you shot two very beautiful MVs, "Night Time" and "Through The Deep"! Will this new album still work with him?

The first album title song "Shedding" of the new album is our fourth collaboration with the director of Guan Gen, he is really great! Working with him is always full of expectations. He is a legend.

. Who is your biggest influencer in the music field and personal life?

Definitely my parents. When I was a child, I was a very difficult child, but my parents raised me with an inclusive attitude, and this gentle attitude has always affected me. By the way, they are also musicians when they are young!

. The new album tour of The fin. started this month (March), this time visiting Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries. Is there any particularly memorable experience in the past tour?

Once Ryosuke and Nakazawa were fighting at a restaurant in Hong Kong because they drunk too much, then Nakazawa poured water onto Ryosuke and on the bed; I ran to the agent's room and knocked on the door and said, "Get out! They are Fight!" But in fact it is not a broker's room! The person in the room was terrified (laughs), I am very embarrassed, if I can see him again, I will say sorry to him again.

Young Team Presents: The fin. “There” Release Tour
Legacy Taipei / Huashan Zhongwu Hall, No.1, Section 1, Bade Road, Taipei
Time: March 31, 2018 (six), 19:00 Admission, 20:00
Organizer: Young Team Productions
understand more The fin. Taipei show details.

All images courtesy of The fin.

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