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Photography / Chen Weixi.

Say a family story, a family story that has lost communication. The eldest son who disappeared for 12 years suddenly returned to his hometown one day, withFamily reunion that has not been seen for a long time. The quiet family has set off a storm, originally heIn order to gain sympathy and understanding, I did not expect the family’s sharp questioning or even a lot of accumulation.The hatred of the year broke out in an instant, leaving the secret of the family 12 years ago., will be on the table in the dispute. This is a description of the long and difficult relationshipWorks based on the theme of communicating family relationships.

If the cell is updated seven years, this is your 4.83333333.

Just a little bit, you are the fifth one. There is still a year, very soon.

"Thirty-four years old is very young." I know that you have to deny me again. I checked the celebrities you mentioned on the Internet. What were you doing when you were 34? Wilde was writing his first novel at that time and would not publish it until three years later. Wu Erfu just published the first novel. It’s enough to see these two masters. They are big writers. How can you be young at the age of 34?

It’s just that you look a little tired and really. Oh, it doesn't matter if you don't want to say it. It is very difficult to talk about things that don't go well. Most people in this world can't even understand themselves, how can they understand the suffering of others? But your face seems to have used up your grief, or you have to be more sad and super sad, or you have to be free and easy. Yes, that kind of all-out feeling of disappointment, the face is empty. There is no need to blame you, I think you need to be sad, otherwise the words written in the book will not be enough.

You have always been the kind of person who is "very good at". It’s all right, everything will be. Eating coffee for breakfast in the morning is said to be the same as imaging European movies. I remember that when you were a child, you most liked to touch the legs of your mother wearing stockings. It’s the feeling that I touched the spider web. I really believe it, but who in the world really touched the spider web? I am stupid, the spider web breaks when I touch it, just like you. Who knows what it feels like. The closest feeling is probably that there is no feeling.

You are best at suffering. This is one of the most powerful abilities I can't learn. Because pain attracts the attention of others, not everyone is eager to be watched. And I also found that you should be enjoying it, you can continue to suffer, otherwise the pain should be tired, isn't it? Or because you are too young, not tired, and have time. So we have become a social plankton that is tired and young. I also feel tired because I have everything, but it doesn't matter if I can lose anything. What does it mean to have this? There is no such thing as "disappointment", sometimes it really makes me tired.

Happiness should be your greatest enemy. With the enemy, you can continue to consume and tell you how unfortunate you are. Mom said, "I really don't know you, but I love you." At least she tried hard. Do you know how many clothes she changed in the morning? I also blame myself for not getting the hair one week earlier. It’s not natural at all. She said that it would take two weeks to become brown. Then why not directly dye brown? She said that she would go back in a week. I am so angry that she does not let you see all the real things, Mom is old, and his hair is white.

The strange thing is that you don't seem to be old. At least I think. When I left, I died a little. You have been away for twelve years and said that it is hard to hear, and you have only a little left. I really don't want to say this, but I can't help it. This is where I think I will see you the most painful. When you ask my question, I can't talk to you any more. I am not used to talking too much to people I don't know. Even relatives.

In the end, there is only one question to ask you, why did you suddenly go home?

I hope that I can hear the answer before you leave today.

"On the table - just the end of the world" by On and IN Performance Studio
Screenwriter still. Luc. Jean-Luc Lagarce (1957-1995) is the most famous script writer in contemporary French drama.After that. When he was writing "The End of the World" script in 1990, he also learned that he was suffering from AIDS. In the process of creation, he has accumulated 28 works, and his works are also translated into texts in different languages, in different countries.At home, there are many troupes in France today who are performing his script. 2016-year Canadian director Xavier Dolan (Zavier Doro) adapted the "Apocalyptic" script into a movie "But the end of the world"day".

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