Based on paper culture, the unknown and future of catalytic fiber: the experimental paper shop of the Tree Fire Paper Museum, "Fengjia Catalyst Room FENKO"

Stealing on Chang'an Road in Taipei, the 23-year-old Tree Fire Memorial Paper Museum focuses on the spirit of experimental innovation.Fengjiao catalytic chamber FENKOThe birth of "". Feng Jiao is actually the other half of the tree fire. It is adjacent to the Tree Fire Paper Museum and is only 3 steps away from the Fengjiao Catalysis Room. Originally the paper factory's Fengjiao catalytic chamber space, in addition to retaining the original knowledge of paper materials, it is the first catalytic platform in Taiwan with paper and natural materials as the main axis.



Some people may want to ask: "Why do you have to challenge yourself and establish a brand new brand?" The answer is that the team found that paper still has a lot of development, but there are not many people who know it. Therefore, through FENKO to create a platform for paper and natural material communication and experimentation, deconstruct the public's past imagination of natural materials, contact with more creative ideas, and even in the cross-border cooperation with creative people, a new concept.





From paper labs to natural material catalytic chambers, from paper exploration to moss and iron

Cross-border catalysis, paper and natural materials experiments, curation and space leasing are the core of FENKO in the future. Space design is based on this function, catalyzing the development of three compartments: catalytic chamber, moss chamber and hidden chamber.



Catalytic chamber
Moss room
Moss room

Rough and bare red brick walls reflect the delicate and delicate "Frame de Frame" (FdF), which is like a new wave of fireworks. Under the concept of "relics", the new generation of architects Hong Haozhen, with the concept of "relics", left the red brick wall that was originally buried under the wood decoration, and reflected it in the light, showing the history of the past hidden in the core of the building for more than 30 years.





In the past, he worked for three years in the studio of the British ghost architect Thomas Heatherwick. He was influenced by Hezevik and the architectural poet Peter Zumthor, and the galvanized metal steel that was almost melted into the space by lightness The frame, such as the rainbow color, has a faint change with different angles, showing the materials and crafts that Fengjiao pays attention to, creating a moving atmosphere.






Cross-border experiment of paper, extending from plane to space

FENKO will continue to explore the unknown, retain professional consultation on art paper, handmade paper, and repair paper, as well as "customized paper making services" and various cross-border experiments. Like the past tree fire at the Venice Biennale in 2017, the "unexpected beauty" with the artist Li Mingwei, will be 4,000 pieces of envelopes and stationery materials bearing the beauty of the experience, as well as Yunmen "Crazy Grass" dance up to 7 meters long, 1.3 The cooperation of the huge width of the paper screen, the two sides jointly built a poetic dialogue between dance and ink, which lasted for 8 months to create the imagination of Lin Huaimin's heart slowly slowing down the ink.



Inheriting past experience, at the end of 2017, FENKO cooperated with Plan b and Fang Xuzhong, the head of the research institute, to cooperate with the “Huji Project”. FENKO specially customized the “rice paper” into the rice husk, and copied the sanctions to cut out a piece of paper. It is a package of this special issue, which is hand-made, extremely warm and moist, and rice-grain paper with grainy grain.


For FENKO, paper is not only about the plane, but also hopes to let the public see the lightness and dancing of the paper in the home or exhibition space. In the coming year, FENKO will also launch various catalytic reactions with curators, fashion designers, architects and traditional craftsmen in Taiwan, starting with various variants such as commodities, courses, exhibitions and Pop-up Shop.


Fengjiao catalytic chamber FENKO
No. 74, Section 2, Chang'an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Opening Hours: Every 15th day of the lunar calendar, 02:00 pm-08:00 pm
T: 02-2515 0688


Photography/ Jian Zixin.
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