Above the border, swim across the blue sky and the world: The Wall House

The Portuguese Riviera is full of sea breeze, and the 19th century Portuguese King Louis I was here.The district also has a summer residence on the outskirts of Lisbon. And in the modern Riviera,Cascais, a coastal town that blends with the ancient city, is housed in a minimalist residence, The Wall House; in the vast greenery of national parks and golf courses, with air, sunshine and wind Water, dress yourself up.



In the nineteenth century, Louis I abolished the crime of death and slavery. This concern for the king of the people led the holiday style of Cascais, so that Riviela is still a holiday paradise for Europeans until today. Leisure and Yuyu, the sea breeze on the Atlantic coast and the beaches of Weihai, the waves beat the rocky reefs, and have the comfort and leisure of other parts of Portugal.. The black and white staggered tile floor and the street of the ancient city are interspersed with the detached villas along the coast and the colorful and lovely ancient houses. The boat yachts docked in the two are intertwined into a holiday scenery; the impression of the 18th century Nanfa seaside resort continues. Riviela became synonymous with the ocean wind; the summer wind boasted, people can not help but sleep.


Image Source: Visit Cascais.

This by Guedes Cruz Arquitectos The Wall House, a minimalist private house built by the architectural team, stands in the coastal town of Cascais. "It's like a castle, but it's made of glass and wood instead of stone. The castle not only provides defense, but also the greenness of the symbiosis and the Atlantic sea breeze," the design team explained. The private fort with wood, cement and glass can be connected to the outside world, The Wall House can also pick up the inner wooden walls for privacy; when opening to the outside, the full-faced special glass is completely open to welcome the cool breeze and sun on the Atlantic coast. Look at the green field that I don't know.





The most iconic of the entire building is the double-glazed pool with overlapping glass. The first pool is the same height as the ground, and looks like a sky blue glass; on top of it, the second pool of water extends from the other side of the roof – lift a little courage, jump in, boldly slide over the water, from the ground Looking up, the figure that glides over is like a blue sky, clouds and water, and the shimmering reflection of a room gives the magic of a sun.





Entering the interior of this low-key, arrogant home, from the bathroom to the wine storage room, kitchen, etc., all in a reasonable space arrangement, giving the home owner a solid life function comparable to the building's appearance. The layers are stacked and hollowed out to open the indoor and outdoor borders; the use of a large number of glass allows the room to be under the sun in the daylight, and the space is full of light.







The double-layered L-shaped cross-pool with internal and external open spaces and natural integration is integrated with the low-key and solid beauty of the clear water model; the spiral ladder running through the whole building makes the moving lines of the first and second floors and the basement unobstructed. The indoor garden developed by the spiral ladder echoes the greenery of the outside world, and even the retro green old car parked in the basement is the perfect embellishment.





In The Wall HouseThe wall does not lock a modern building bunker, but embraces the surrounding with a transparent border. Outside the border, the visual swims across the grass; above the border, swims through the sky and the world.


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