Freeing the life from the illegal spirit on the wall: From Paris to New Delhi, the first graffiti artist C215 in India

Before I knew C215, I thought that graffiti is a kind of damage to the urban beauty. After I knew C215, I started to search for graffiti that might be left on the trash can, brick wall, and lift door on the way to and from work. Imagine the graffiti brain. The rebellion in the middle, the cry of social injustice, every thick line and the point of fainting, is like the exclamation point of the loudest volume. C215 is called Christian Guemy. Just like TAKI 183, JULIO 204, FRANK 207, these famous graffiti take the pseudonym of the street number. Among them, TAKI183 is the first graffiti artist. Christian Guemy thinks the number is like a prisoner number, symbolizing graffiti. The illegal spirit of art and rebellion. For him, life is sometimes like a prison, we are just a nameless pawn.


Holding the template in the left hand and painting in the right hand, the C215 leaves works in many cities around the world.

In the face of such illegal artistic behavior, why did C215 choose to disclose its real name? "When you paint on a train, public building or a blank wall, you will certainly want to protect yourself. But for me, I try to paint beautiful things. These art can be understood. I don't think I The process of creation is very savage. On the contrary, it reflects the good life in the local area.” He likes to paint in each city. The favorite city is “the next city”, from lifestyle, cultural uniqueness, architecture and even law. In the city in his eyes, through the "experimental creation" graffiti on the wall, and thus get the experience of new things, spending a lot of airfare and travel graffiti is very worthwhile for the C215.


Wandering on the edge of contemporary art

Perhaps the national conditions are more conservative. From the 1990s when Indian contemporary art emerged in the world market, no artist chose to create on the wall until C215 came from Paris and became the first graffiti artist to create in India. Like the early death of the Indian female painter Amrita Sher-Gil, the $1.5 million high-priced "Village" and the $1.36 million deal with Francis Newton Souza's "Men and Women" are full of Indian culture; C215's graffiti art Every pair of eyes, some from the market hawkers, some passing girls, even the local goats and cats become his material; his art is "unexpected art", everyone can touch, also India The beauty of New Delhi is pushed to the world by the eyes of photographers and the pens of writers.




Unlike the twisted words in New York, canned paints have been available everywhere since the early 1970s, and New York’s brick walls from the subway cars to the platforms and toilets are filled with the vivid colors painted by graffiti; these are Painting the site is also a rebellion. Nowadays, with the development of graffiti art, the simple twisting of text has more effects such as 3D and bubbles. Even with some paintings, it is still mainly text. The C215 from France is dominated by "characters". There is no violent factor. It is only from the eyes of the people in the painting, those uneasiness, loneliness, defense or innocence. This is the way he uses to write humanities; He began to extensively explore language, art history and history, so he could portray the expression of the characters so deeply.




Even though he has held solo exhibitions in São Paulo, New York and Paris, he can survive art outside the streets compared to ordinary graffiti artists; but C215 still believes that he is walking on the edge of contemporary art, or that "edge" is his love. Vocabulary. Looking closely, the inspiration for C215's work always comes from the bleak corner. For the orphans, tramps and beggars living in the third world, C215 uses art to liberate its depressed and poor life, and to create and experience the beauty of graffiti art together.


Indian children danced in front of portraits of women painted in C215.
Travel with a mold

C215 travels all over India, the United States, Brazil, Israel, Morocco, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Everywhere, you will use the template you carry to engrave the desired picture, and then paint it with paint. Painted on the corner of the city. "I like the portrait I painted in an abandoned building. Living there is like a ghost. It is a charming loneliness." Once he painted the wife of the grocery store owner on a nearby wall, the boss told him "The woman I see every day is now on the wall. I don't know why I am so moved." Sometimes he is creating on the street, Indian children will be excited to watch, slap and dance, for them, C215 has painted a lot of animals. With the scooter, "I know that these kids will like it." People can't help but wonder how many graffiti people create to make people happy and like.



Every time there is a large group of people curious and curious, C215 believes that graffiti art is not guilty and does not have to be sneaky.
About | Christian Guemy

Also known as C215, born in Paris, he obtained a master's degree in art history from the Sorbonne University, but since 2007 he has been tired of creating street art in Paris, and India's exotic culture is full of love. He believes that street art in Paris has been abused. In addition to India, he traveled to New York, Los Angeles, London and other places to travel and paint on local wall paintings. For him, graffiti is a trip, A person's adventure will continue to travel to the next city to leave works.


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