Spreading the art and signal, talking about food exchange: Hualien Yiwen Salon Tea Bar, Shidong East

Photography/ TinLee.

Come to the most prosperous business district in Hualien, the Ditching Tail, which has many city views and stories. The people on the ditch in the Chuangou are the most attractive places in the streets. Snack stalls, theaters, and pools are changing from time to time. These prosperous street scenes are no longer the case. Standing on the quiet old street, I occasionally greeted the cat's probe and passed several emerging Wenqing cafes. From the free street to the Fujian Street, one of the houses, one unobtrusive, hidden, hidden There is a miniature art gallery and a tea bar. This is the new base of Hualien Art.Island East Translation Office.

The low-key building has a golden door in front of the door. The owner of the island, Liao Xiubo (Aguang), talks about the house, as if someone finally found the excitement of smallness and smiled and shared the reason. "This space is the old police dormitory in the past, and it exists like a monument. So I put a golden number on the door and made it like a government agency to create a kind of "micro-historic" taste."

Based on history, the story of humanities is described in terms of space, and the initiation of the East Island Translation Institute is discussed. "I was born in Panama, but I stayed in Hualien before the fourth grade. This neighborhood is very meaningful to me, except for the place where I grew up, and the place I think is the most Hualien! Three years ago, I moved with my family. Back to Hualien, I saw that everything in the past has changed. Those in the ditch have been demolished, the riverbed has been covered up... It can’t be connected with the memory, and the brain is blank.” After returning to Hualien, Aguang applied for art subsidy. I chose to make graffiti creations in this neighborhood. I painted a total of five walls in front and back. "I always think that the conditions of Hualien are very good. I feel that there are more and more expressionful and independent stores here. I started to start a business plan."

The space classification plan is based on the concept of “collecting, eating, and brainstorming”. The first is the island east collection department. Many collections of works and current art exhibitions are gathered here; Aguang will be the element of Central and South America and Taiwanese people. Art, Middle Age objects, Japanese artifacts, and other cultural objects, through the display of interpretation space, attempt to merge "multipleness" into an independent style.

Trace back to the roots of people in ancient timescollectionBehavior is often satisfied with the need for physical needs;collectionThe behavior gradually changes and begins to usecollectionThis ability has penetrated into every field of life, cultivated collections, appreciation, and created a unique aesthetic of life. Aguang also borrows scenery from nature and brings it into the trajectory of life. The living green plants and leaves are contrasted with vivid animals and insect specimens. The space is filled with tangible and intangible old and new conflicts, so that the senses experience is quietly formed. A common language.

Island East Translation Institute - the east side of the island, a broad concept; the translation office, is a military unit, receiving Moss cryptographic messages, an abstract symbolic language. I hope that through this unit, I will transform the artistic and artistic information that I thought of as abstract and distance in the past into a context that is easy to understand and understand.

Laughing that he is the director, Aguang interprets the name of the store. A new exhibition held regularly every month, talking about the cooperation with art creators, Aguang believes that "through the exhibitions of different artists, it is a very interesting way of operation to match the selections and works of art. Art galleries, people usually feel that there is a sense of distance, although the empty space can emphasize the work itself, but I want to emphasize the relationship between the work and the environment."

Let the works of art play the leading role, and then change the surrounding collocation and furnishings to create a perfectly coordinated visual image, allowing visitors to pay attention to the paintings due to the ingenuity of the furnishings, or to be attracted by the paintings, and then to discover the surrounding objects. Complement each other, let art blend in with everyday life, and simulate the possibility of numerous home furnishings for the paintings on display, so that people can be more relaxed in the process of interpreting art and improving the aesthetics of life.

"Aminoacid Boy And The Chaos Orde" by Diego Lazzarin
AZAZEL by Diego Lazzarin

"In this small space, the future will continue to be carried out and stacked through various types of arts and cultural activities." Aguang, who actively promotes arts and cultural information, not only serves as a curatorial event, but also acts as an artist brand. Diego Lazzarin, a fantasy artist from Italy, can see his book Aminoacid Boy And The Chaos Orde and the figurine; Diego Lazzarin presents the spiritual garden and mysterious species in his heart through painting and engraving. For example, the self-presenting corner of the showcase is a strange yellow creature - AZAZEL, 20 cm tall, likes to live on the river, the main occupation is to prey on the water creatures, have a beautiful voice, and love to sing their favorite songs loudly.

Turning on Aminoacid Boy And The Chaos Orde, the observations of the Earth by the aliens of Diego Lazzarin are narrative backgrounds, interpreting human behavior through the perspective of aliens, and gaining a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the earth and human beings. The 160-page full of destructive disorganized content, full of fantasy narrative techniques and strong color style, is a classic reading that is worthy of the universe's exploration and love of hunting style, collection and recollection.

"Aminoacid Boy And The Chaos Orde" by Diego Lazzarin
AZAZEL by Diego Lazzarin

As the sky turns black, the sunset light and shadow shuttle space, only open to the East Island collection department at 6 o'clock in the evening, temporarily rested. With the footsteps of the night, the world deeper in the long space and hidden behind the counter of the collection department quietly lit up.

Passing through the psychedelic galleries - the corridors are filled with neon light, and the walls are full of magazines and vinyl records. The corridor serves as a zone connecting the two main spaces of the collection department and the feeding department. It does not have its own name and mission. It only wants visitors to flip through the magazines here. The feet are patted with the rhythm of the music, and a stretch of relaxation is done for the body and mind. "Fuck", so that the mood is like a green leaf trajectory that extends from the wall to the ceiling, and is quickly relaxed and gently covered.

On the back of the small corridor, there is a cosy tea bar "Island East Food Department". In the atmosphere of Southeast Asia, a flamingo appeared on the Chinese medicine cabinet. It was a bit of a fantasy. He looked up and said, "The usual heart is the way" and jumped into the eye; from the Chinese style, the pillars, the gods, the paper-cutting process, etc. The space aesthetics composed of styles are not self-existing here, but they are synergistic and become a space installation with mutual embellishment and zero conflict.

Curiously asked Aguang to say "normal heart is the way." He smiled and said that the communication between people is like translating the Morse code. When the other party converts his difficult chores into signals and sends them to you, your understanding and translation of this message is a process of "decoding". . The phrase "normal heart is the way" is based on the experience of going to the bar club to dismantle the mental defense and telling the intricacies of life. I think that if a guest comes to pour out the troubles of life one day, he You can also grab a card of medicine to the other party, and say to the entangled visitors: "It’s just a normal heart!" So I thought about it, I went to find a group of Chinese medicine cabinets to put it here (laughs).

Next to the bar is a seating area for 4 or 5 people. The mottled red wall is adorned with warm yellow lighting to illuminate the sugar cane and bananas grown in the store. The warmth of the warmth adds a lot of "home" feeling to the space. The feeling of "home" also shows the meal in the eating department. When talking about the flash of food, the light of the eyes is bright, and frankly, many profound family memories come from food, and then I will care about this experience of "home". Turn into a meal.

The island's eastern feeding department was the mother of Aguang during the day, and was hosted by Aguang in the evening until midnight. Linked to the relationship between blood and geography, Aguang launched a series of quite sincere tea wines. Looking at the menu, the name of the meal is quite cute: the golden jade is full, the purse is full, and the longevity is 100 years old. It is worth mentioning that "San Shu Gong Black Tea" is really from the tea planted by San Shugong; Mother's hand-made hand-made dish - pumpkin cake, there are two kinds of fillings of red beans and taro, the taste is dense and Q-bomb, the filling is slightly sweet and not greasy, and the "three uncle black tea" is used to propose the layering of taste buds, whether it is As a snack in the afternoon or after dinner, the desserts are perfect!

The reason for opening a store to find a mother is to share the food that I often like when I was a child, who I like very much and feel great. Just like my choices and collections, I use the concept of sharing to communicate with you. And really many people eat her side dishes, lo mei, pumpkin cake, vegetable bags, they are very amazing, very "home" taste! Therefore, I hope that this composite space can be planned in the urban area, and it will be late to operate, so that everyone really seems to return to the "home".

The reason for opening a store to find a mother is to share the food that I often like when I was a child, who I like very much and feel great. Just like my choices and collections, I use the concept of sharing to communicate with you. And really many people eat her side dishes, lo mei, pumpkin cake, vegetable bags, they are very amazing, very "home" taste! Therefore, I hope that this composite space can be planned in the urban area, and it will be late to operate, so that everyone really seems to return to the "home".

The mother and son relay management, with the purpose of "sharing", and all the travellers and local friends who come from afar, talk to friends and friends, and even invite DJs to perform in the store, so that the visual, auditory and taste are coming. In the past, it has provoked a new and diverse thinking.

The Shimadzu translation office, which opened in March, took more than five months to complete from the original subway police dormitory. The building walls on the side of the sky collapsed in the previous Hualien earthquake. The wire fence is now used as a modern fence. Aguang invites woven artist friends to use plastic bags as the creative material, to shuttle back and forth to the network, and to woven the Moss code. The ciphers can be arbitrarily arranged, and the environment, art and food are strung between the dotted lines. Share feelings.

The continuous release of the arts and cultural signals, Aguang Hui Xudao East Translation Institute not only expands Hualien's local artistic and artistic vision, but also provides new choices in night life entertainment. Readers who are heading to Huadong Tourism may wish to put the Shidong Transshipment Station into the itinerary and take a look at the new-style art and art salon, which uses the five senses to create a unique experience!

Island East Translation Office
No. 436, Fujian Street, Hualien City
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon/ 02:00 pm-00:00 am
T: 0932-655-384

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