Affordable "Design Award": Japanese Centennial Stationery Design KOKUYO

"See people first to see their things. Of course, there is no need to say what the shoes and bags are. The details of the so-called details determine success or failure, and stationery can reflect a person's character." The Japanese drama "The Form of the Family" has such a line. The impeccable appearance and the exquisite and ideal circle of friends are the "social personalities" that modern people strive to create. But what really matters about taste and temperament, perhaps in the details of the mountains and dew - such as a well-designed shirt, a chic bedside lamp, a durable and durable pen.


When you are not looking for others, when you are alone with "self", you are also intimate with the details of life. It can be simple, but it should not be compromised. For the Japanese century-old stationery brand KOKUYO (Kokuyo), these "not to compromise" details are paper, pen, ruler, scissors and other stationery that everyone will use.


KOKUYO Stationery concept store THINK OF THINGS opened in Tokyo.




KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is similar to MUJI's MUJI AWARD. It is also initiated by companies to select excellent stationery designs from the world's applicants, and most of them are works. Really commoditized and withstood the test of consumers.




KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD has been held for 15 consecutive years, and is pursuing a more life-changing experience and story: good ideas, good design, easy to use, durable, and unique taste. We have selected a part of KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD's works over the years. Let's take a look at which of these designs make you want to buy it right away?



Comic tape (マンガムテープ) | 2016 


With the tape attached, you can immediately see the comic dialog box, the effect line or the fossil word, as if the story will happen soon! For the purpose of giving friends gifts, through the careful thinking on the stationery, the relationship between the two people is more intimate. Due to the explosion of word of mouth, the comic tape was successfully commercialized by KOKUYO, and it became a "good idea" for life that you can buy.





Boat of Time (时の舟)|2017 


Technological advances allow us to know the time at any time, so as to accurately grasp opportunities and comply with the agreement. But at the same time, it also made us a slave to every second. What is the time? The boat of time is such a bell that rethinks the relationship between life and time, quietly and freely sailing on the sea named "Time." There is only one mark at 0 o'clock, and the hour hand turns into a white sail, which changes with light and shadow during slow rotation. The three-dimensional sense of time lapse will make people cherish "now", and the "accuracy" of time may not be so important.






Stationery that attracts each other (integrated stationery) | 2016


Magnetic stationery can attract and gather each other, so it is better to organize and even need to prepare a pencil case. At the same time, the pen and pen arrangement has more possibilities, combined with each other to meet different functions, and the stationery and the user are also full of interaction.




Material stationery (material としての文房) | 2016


Most stationery has its relatively fixed size and shape, such as the size of the pen, the length of the ruler, the volume of the eraser... The material stationery is the opposite of the "non-finished product."




Returning "props" to "original materials", such as making rubber, triangle rulers, pencils into long rods, like wood or steel pipes, will people develop more usages? By cutting into different lengths, you can determine the length of the pencil according to the storage space, or you can make the rubber into the base of the pin, or you can wear a rope in a small metal ruler and transform into a fashionable necklace.




Dreamlike, beautiful (儚く, しく) | 2015


For the Japanese who have the culture of "material sorrow", flowers are more beautiful because they will decline. This special calendar expresses the passage of time in an incomparably delicate way, with a light blue line strung into a date number. At the end of the day, pull the thread down and the numbers on the paper will gradually disappear. The disappearance of time is expressed in such a beautiful and vivid way, and the ordinary day becomes precious and dreamy.





Real ruler (Bendam's rule) | 2014


The designer's attention to the size is the ultimate, "pursuit of more accurate" is also the origin of the birth of this "real ruler."


If it is an ordinary ruler, the scale is often printed as a line, and the width of the line itself affects the measurement results. The "real ruler" transforms the way of thinking, using the face to represent the width, avoiding even 1 mm error as much as possible, making the measurement more accurate. This enthusiasm for the profession has made the "real ruler" highly rated among people in related professional fields such as design.





No name pigment (なまえのないえのぐ)| 2012


There are a lot of beautiful or artistic names in the color. This set of paints does the opposite. It discards the fixed concept of color and expresses the colors freely in a combination of ways. All colors are composed of three primary colors, and the final color will be variable and flexible through different ratios. If you only look at the packaging before opening, you can't accurately predict the color, so every pen after opening is full of surprises.





Brush eraser (かきゴム) | 2017


It looks like a pen eraser, but it's actually a brush for "painting." You can use it like a pen, colored rubber will stick to the place where it is drawn; just rub it by hand, the drawn line will easily disappear and disappear, leaving no mark on any material. In addition to the practical use of temporary marking positions when moving, it also breaks the boundaries of paper. As long as there is endless imagination, the wall sash floor can be painted everywhere.





Stationery (restaurant) that can be eaten | 2017



Scissors are needed for paper cutting, pens are required for writing, and stationery meets our intuitive needs. Is there any stationery that can meet the needs of replenishing energy and refreshing at work? Sugar, energy, caffeine, which is indispensable for the workplace, can be piled up next to the computer or arranged on the bookshelf by making an edible volume and simple geometric shape. , breaking the boundaries of "stationery".





Corner eraser (カドケシ) | 2002


A whole piece of rubber has been used for a long time, and the corners and corners are all ground to an ellipse. Some details are difficult to modify. This rubber is a stack of multiple small cubes with up to 28 "corners"! Not only can you experience the thrill of using a new eraser, but it is also very practical, no matter how small corners can be taken care of. This Rubik's only corner eraser also won the 2005 MoMA Design Award and was sold at the MoMA store.





THINK OF THINGS|Stationery shop beyond the stationery store concept

Stationery design continues to make little progress on small changes, and over time, a product design revolution is gradually completed. The significance of stationery is not only practical, good stationery can change the way a person works, and it is also the most convenient arrangement for life - providing planning, giving order, awakening the logic and logic, controlling and enjoying life.



Therefore, KOKUYO's concept store "THINK OF THINGS" opened in the Millennium Valley in Tokyo makes stationery no longer a simple tool. In this light and cool three-story building, there is more than just selling (or displaying) stationery, but also groceries, storage, furniture and a series of chic and fashionable things. It also combines a coffee shop, a workshop, and a brand office to create a space that can lead to thinking. As its name, it leads everyone to review the impact of stationery on life in all aspects.






In order to respond to the unique style of THINK OF THINGS, KOKUYO deliberately chooses the stationery that is suitable for sale here, a single solid color, durable quality, avoiding complicated or redundant design without losing details. The display is also very regular, as if the exhibition hall of the art gallery is general, so that the viewer can precipitate the object and the self-consciousness, and then discover a more ideal lifestyle.



At the same time as the selection area, it is a relaxed cafe. The coffee comes from the OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS of Sanxuan Tea House, a famous shop that provides office coffee service, and also pays attention to the relationship between work and people. At THINK OF THINGS, you can bring your own baked coffee, as well as drinks, Japanese light food and fruit desserts.



It is worth mentioning that THINK OF THINGS has a refreshing Visual Identity and also won the 2018 JAGDA Newcomer. The second floor is the open exhibition hall of TOT STUDIO. The forums, salons, performances and other activities are all carried out here. The support for creativity is also reflected in this space. Creation, art, design and fashion, as long as it is related to creation, can be Show freely here and find like-minded people.



Stationery such as paper, pens, rulers, and scissors have simple functions and clear uses, and they are used up when consumed. Why pursue design and creativity on these most basic things?


Whether it's setting up stationery awards or integrating lifestyle understanding into stationery stores, KOKUYO is guiding us through the carrier of stationery – what is the most comfortable life for you? On the basis of satisfying the basic functions, the appearance is beautiful, the hand feels smooth, the material is environmentally friendly, and both aesthetically pleasing. In the final analysis, good tools help us organize and control ourselves, so that we can more easily and calmly shape our personality and character.



Across the boundaries between work and life, the simpler and more important things should not be consumed by the source, the old products will be replaced by new products, but they will be upgraded through design, long-term and natural integration into the daily life, and not afraid of the times. Variety.


Which of these "new" stationery do you most want to have?


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