In the recycling yard, brew a cup of "zero waste" summer cool: Japanese grocery brewing workshop RISE & WIN

Photograph © Hideaki Hamada.

Photograph © Hideaki Hamada.
All Images Courtesy of RISW & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ.

For thousands of years, human beings have followed the vitality and energy of the earth to enhance their knowledge and develop a "people-oriented" economic value system under the wave of industrial manufacturing; however,Excessive resource demand eventually caused the earth's mother to exceed the load, and the pleasant living environment has become a glory yesterday. We are sweating under the umbrella of skyscrapers, like a sigh of sorrow.

Deforestation, reclamation and land reclamation, when I only see the immediate interests of the consortium, I am still "developing" around the world. The residents of the southeastern four countries have already awakened the first step, and the word "environmental protection" has been rushed into daily life and even led the trend. .Located in the rolling hills and lines, Shangsheng Town, Tokushima Prefecture(Kamikatz)Intertwined with rice terraces, the water-green mirrors of the terraces reflect the mountains and the light and shadows. Walking through them, not only feel the natural grace, but also deeply recognize that it is from the local residents' respect for the natural environment.This small town of only 1,600 people, like other non-large cities in Japan, faces the loss and aging of young people, but the elderly residents who are deeply rooted in it are actively investing in it.Ye Wei(Agriculture, production and sale of edible mosaics, mountain vegetables, for example, raw materials and ingredients in Japanese cuisine, so that the Katsu-cho is still full of vitality and has become an industrially active area in Japan's aging population. Representative indicators.

The residents of Sakagami-cho also realized that the damage caused by the greenhouse gases and toxins caused by the garbage incinerator to the environment and food crops was initiated in 2003.The Zero Waste campaign decisively abolished the garbage truck system, and the residents themselves took the garbage to a unified recycling center in the town. In addition to reducing incineration and driving expenses, the 45 waste sorting projects set up so far have succeeded in making waste “recycled and reused”; the town even announced that it will phase out waste incineration and landfills by 2020. RecyclingIt has become a habit of residents' habits, and now the town has reached nearly 80% resource recovery rate.

Inspired by the townspeople's respect for the mother of the earth, the architectural firm of Hiroshi Nakamura, the new Japanese architect. Hiroshi Nakamura & NAPFor the town, the Kamikatz Public House, a resting house entirely made up of recycled materials as a building material, was handed over to the town as a "cultural catalyst". TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE Management, transformed into a beer brewery, bistro, BBQ courtyard and grocery storeRISW & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store"."

Photograph © Hideaki Hamada.

In order to make the pub a local spiritual symbol, RISW & WIN faces the north, and the outer wall of 8 meters rises up and is painted with conspicuous persimmon red tannin; especially the dense window coverings with unique appearance on the exterior of the building. The abandoned houses from the town were remodeled by the design team and set in towering buildings. Stepping into the room, the eyes are first attracted by the colorful chandeliers hanging in the grocery store area. The empty wine bottles are placed upside down in the afternoon sun to inject color into the space; carefully, the product display on both sides is made up of old beer boxes and waste. Recycled and discarded materials; the corner of the wall is covered with old newspapers printed with LOGO, becoming an old-fashioned but fascinating wallpaper.

A grid of closed windows splatters the sun but it is not sultry.The window material has a double-layer structure to block the outdoor high temperature, and is equipped with a fan mounted on the high roof; the summer heat disperses the heat according to the roof, and in the winter, the fan is blown by the "carbon neutral" technology to ignite the heat. The dry branches in the forest are hot, and energy saving and carbon reduction also provide warmth to the warmth of the people.

Photograph © Hideaki Hamada.

Photograph © Hideaki Hamada.

Stepping into the walkway that extends to the outside, the nostalgic brick floor is also recycled from the waste material – from a collapsed Chinese building, even the outdoor BBQ apron is made from recycled clothing and buckskin. The beer produced by the brewery, in order to reduce packaging waste, has designed a "Growlers" container that is easy to carry and reuse. It has become a beer-specific "kettle"; here, it contains beer, groceries and food. Ways to sell, encourage people to bring their own containers, in order to echo the town's "Zero Waste" concept.

In the name of the original "Kamikatz Public House" by architect Nakamura Takuya, the word "pub" was originally derived from "Public House", which contained the meaning of "collecting people." When the concept of "Zero Waste" has been realized, how to make the ideal and economic activities parallel at the same time is the key to making Shangsheng Town's characteristics move toward branding.With 4R's sense of reluctance - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Respect for natural resources, RISW & WIN makes "resource regeneration" a tangible, touchable representative. building.

At night, RISW & WIN is like a lighthouse and a lantern. It gathers warm light at night, as the residents hope, and tries to shine on the old town where the population is lost. Since its establishment in 2015, it has become the physical symbol of the Shangsheng Town Environmental Declaration, and has successfully attracted numerous visitors from other places to create economic effects. At the same time, it has also expanded the “zero waste” consciousness of the perpetual cycle. Nature is no longer a slogan that hangs on the lips, but is actually practiced in life.

RISW & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store 
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