Starting from the old Turkish bath in 1492: a quiet place in the lush garden, Hotel Empress Zoe in Istanbul

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Visiting Istanbul, Turkey, a glimpse of the splendid ancient Byzantine empire cultural heritage, thinking about the trek from the ancient Silk Road – a traveler from afar, a magnificent and mysterious imagination, rich and diverse cultural features This collision and exchange has contributed to a city that is still a thousand years old and still attractive. Wandering between the local streets, the ancient European appearance is a mixture of exotic customs, imposing fortress palaces, churches and magnificent mosques... The long-standing religion and art are thus integrated into the traditional city landscape of Istanbul.

Hidden in the quiet old town, Hotel Empress Zoe, named after Byzantine Zoe, is covered in green on the corner; stepping into the courtyard and feeling the pleasant atmosphere. The rock-filled walls surround the lush vines, under the brown eucalyptus trees that sway with the wind, with sunlight and tables and chairs, as if returning to the ancient manor of the Byzantine period.

In 1492, the courtyard was originally one of the oldest Turkish baths in the city and then became an abandoned garden; until the architects Nikos Papadakis and Cristina Nevans visited, it was found that the top of the building preserved the passages and arches built during the Ottoman period. The machine room, then proceeded to renovate the courtyard, take care of the entrance and hall of Hotel Empress Zoe, and merge the adjacent apartments and three townhouses into a hotel. Cristina and his sister Ann take care of the hotel in a classical garden surrounded by springs, allowing visitors to experience the unique and authentic Istanbul style.

Istanbul is a city that loves cats. People regard the care of street cats as their own obligation. Many stores will place a tip box for giving me medical subsidies. "If there is no cat, Istanbul will lose part of the soul." When you come to Hotel Empress Zoe, you will of course catch a glimpse of the cats Jasper and Sophie, which are raised by Ann and Cristina, lazyly squatting on the garden chairs, or playfully playing with the water in the marble water tanks; they are the owners of the restaurant. Give warm greetings, and be the guardian of the hotel, quietly looking after the travelers.

Stepping into the not-too-large hall, you can see old Turkish antiques from Cristina, Nikos, Ann. The trio even reinvented some of the less old items, combined with fabric, marble, ceramic fragments and so on. Partially exposed walls, Ottoman-style window grilles, behind the counter is the portrait of the Queen of Zoe, surrounded by Islamic folk art and ancient tools, like a small archaeological living room filled with bohemian atmosphere, mix and match The style reflects the cultural integration of the city.

Strolling through the stairs in a row, like a labyrinth structure, pushing a door or turning into a corridor, accompanied by stone carvings and murals, each step is full of adventure. In order to make the travellers feel as comfortable as their own apartment, in addition to the general room plan, in each building, each floor is also specially equipped with spacious and spacious suites; in the afternoon or sunset, lying on the "sedir" - Turkey The unique "couch" is built on the wall and filled with fabric and fabric; although it is called a sofa, it is also used as a bed for rest - looking at the charming courtyard scene in front of the window and feeling the passage of time.

As the spiral staircase arrives at the roof, the open-air balcony welcomes the beautiful daylight, spends a leisure time with a cup of tea that is loved by the people of Istanbul, looks at the surrounding scenery of the city, and carefully examines the humanities left over from the ancient city of the millennium. Track. When the dawn rises, the golden light sprinkles, and the layers of history of the building are re-ignited by the mottled walls, reviving the afterglow of the Byzantine Empire, and the glory of the past, as if to reproduce.

Hotel Empress Zoe
Akbiyik Cad. No: 10 Sultanahmet, Istanbul
T: +90-212-518-2504

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