Just for packaging, I want to buy it now! World's Best Packaging Design Award

In an increasingly convenient and fast city, not only those who are busy making choices, but also the products that are constantly being updated and their packaging design. On any given day, you will be exposed to at least 50 different types of packaging, not to mention the days when you received three or five copies.


Committed to discovering outstanding works in product packaging design around the world, and making people aware of the great value hidden behind the excellent brand packaging design - "The Dieline Awards" global packaging design competition, this year ushered in its ninth year . Among the award-winning works, the most representative 18 pieces are introduced; perhaps it will not be long before you will meet them on the shelves.



Awards: Best of Show
Brand: Mutti Special Edition for Eataly World
Designer: Auge Design


"Best of Show" is the most important award in the whole competition. It is selected from all 1400 entries regardless of category. This year's winner is a design project brought by Auge Design Studio for the famous Italian tomato seasoning brand Mutti.




In the six special packagings that Auge Design redesigned for Mutti, each tomato product is taken seriously: four tin cans with tomato pulp, cherry tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, Datterini tomatoes, and a glass bottle Tomato puree and a tubular concentrated tomato sauce.




Based on the original design, Auge Design creates a jump contrast by superimposing classic red and gold on the ivory surface. The overall design makes the brand younger and more advanced. The golden font and logo reflect this history. The best quality of the 1899 brand.



Award: First Prize in Fresh Food
Brand: Food of Imagination
Designer: SOLL


Food of Imagination is a healthy light food restaurant specializing in takeaways. Just like the name of a restaurant, the rich taste provided here will inspire you to stimulate your food. Every food here is a freely superb combination of flavors, with healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables, creating a myriad of unknown flavors in a familiar menu.




The packaging design uses a stack of large bright blocks to visualize the selling point of this mix. The simple and fresh style enhances the message of food health, while at the same time stimulating the taste buds, making the choice of food more enjoyable and interesting.





Award: Second Prize in Fresh Food
Brand: SAS Cube
Designer: deSter BVBA



SAS Cube is SAS Scandinavian's new concept of aircraft meal, this unique design will bring a simple and high quality pure Nordic dining experience. Inspired by the natural beauty and culture of Scandinavia, the exterior uses a soothing white colour with a calm and elegant Norwegian motif.




When you open the cube's lunch box, it's like unpacking a brand new phone case, or a box of premium chocolates, and the design is very refined. The design that meets the passenger's needs makes the use process more convenient. Considering the space limitations during flight, leaving a free space for passengers to continue working, reading or watching movies, every detail reveals the designer. Just the right care.



Award: Fresh Food Third Prize
Brand: Carsodo Cured Meat
Designer: Eva Estudi



Carsodo is a cured meat brand founded in 1895 in Bescanó, the small town of Girona. Highlighting the professionalism of the brand and shaping the brand identity is the main purpose of upgrading the packaging design. Origin and nostalgia - are two key words in the design of new packaging. The origins are traced back to the old-fashioned pottery, which is the decoration of the monochromatic floral patterns on the walls and white tiles; the nostalgia is the return to the traditional packaging, the era of commitment to quality with transparent plastic seals and brand labels, these 1950s The elements reinforce the Carsodo brand's personality and quality.





Award: First Prize in Pre-Processed Foods
Brand: St. George's Mills
Designer: Mousegraphics


According to a survey by the flour brand St. George's Mills, the most popular ones are the types of flour that are written for "all for all purposes", and the brand's audience is mostly non-professional liberal kitchen players who are good at "experimental baking". .



Inspired by this, the design team invited the sculptor Marhta Foka to create various shapes of dough using St. George's Mills flour, photographed on a soft monochrome background and used as a pattern on the new packaging. These doughs truly show the possibility that the flour is filled with countless kinds of baking, and it also contains countless kinds of joys of making memories shared with friends and family.



Award: Second Prize for Pre-Processed Foods
Brand: Pchak
Designer: Backbone Branding


The natural zero-food brand Pchak, the popular products are nuts and dried fruits. The new package puts food in a hollow tree with a transparent "window", which is full of childishness. Moreover, consumers can see the food inside at a glance. The design is also a metaphor for the increasingly alienated urban life and nature.




When the design team explored, it was found that the tree hole is the most familiar and mysterious for both children and adults, and the tree itself is one of the things that can be connected to nature, which allows consumers to be busy and stunned. Get the intimacy and relaxation of a moment of natural connection. There is also a lovely detail, with a note attached to the top of the package, which reads: "These nuts and fruits are collected by Mr. Squirrel."





Award: Third Prize in Pre-Processed Foods
Brand: Riso D'Uomo
Designer: Here Design


Riso D'Uomo, a long-established Italian grain brand, has always been "making a delicious and delicious risotto to make the Italian diet more relaxed and enjoyable" as its mission. The new packaging design rewrites the design style of the Italian rice Riso packaging, which is based on the Candoglia marble floor design of Milan Cathedral, giving it a distinct Italian element.





Awards: First Prize in Dairy/Flavour/Oil/Sauce/Condiment
Brand: ODE Fine Foods
Designer: AG Design Agency


ODE (from ancient Greek: ᾠδήōdḗ) is a lyric verse and a brand new Greek food brand. In Greece, ODE was originally a poetry performance accompanied by music. In the design of the ODE series of Greek food logos, the spacing of letters is constantly changing, like the rhythm of poetry.




Inspired by poetry, every piece of ODE's packaging design is like an artistic creation. The ODE Premium collection is inspired by the commonality of art paintings: the picture frame. All containers are painted with a "perspective" window that not only emphasizes that the product itself does not obscure the food itself, as if it is a piece of art.





Awards: Third Prize in Dairy/Flavour/Oil/Sauce/Condiment
Brand: Liberty London
Designer: & SMITH


Earlier this year, Liberty London launched its first "own brand" food line. To this end, they collect their favorite, niche and unique food producers from across the UK, design packaging for each product, and ultimately display more than 50 products in the exclusive area of ​​the mall, ranging from jams of all flavors. Seasonings such as lemon curd, mustard, seaweed, and chili sauce.




Liberty London avoids the formulation methods that are commonly used in private label design. They want to respect the story behind each item and the unique craftsmanship. To achieve this, each product type packaging design is assigned to a different artist. Create, make sure all illustrations have some "strange and wonderful" content.





Awards: First Prize in Candy/Snacks/Desserts
Brand: Cacao 70
Designer: In Good Company


The chocolate brand Cacao 70 found that its target audience is mainly young students and families by researching customer data, and they all have a flaw in going to other places. When redesigning branded packaging, Cacao 70 hopes to give consumers a sense of being taken anywhere else. Whether it is a visit to a certain memory, a certain place or a certain moment, it is important to have a few minutes to get rid of the difficult daily life.




As a result, Cacao 70 created a number of “worlds elsewhere” through the illustrations on the package, with a short story background, which is a wonderful and fun short escape from only Cacao 70 chocolate.





Awards: Second Prize in Candy / Snacks / Desserts
Brand: Provisions Marou
Designer: Rice Creative


The chocolate brand Marou's products are always placed on the shelves of the best gourmet restaurants in the world. However, the daily life of chocolate is actually somewhat different from this "easy" world. As one of the chocolate manufacturers working in Cocoa, Vietnam, the founders of Marou are often in a field-adventure environment, and Marou itself is a tribute to the rough and unpredictable real world.




Correspondingly, Marou continues this roughness in packaging design – a simple tin can with a single color as the background, without any pattern decoration, simple text description, almost forgotten that this is a chocolate product, with almost The chemical is as straightforward as the functional perception.





Award: First Prize for Non-alcoholic Beverages
Brand: Snåsa Natural Mineral Water
Designer: OlssønBarbieri


Water is the most humble of all drinks and the source of life. Snåsa Natural Mineral Water reflects the awe of nature and a humble lifestyle through the overall design of the bottle. The shape of the bottle of Snåsa Natural Mineral Water is like a ship of the same ancient shape as a nomadic tent. The brand's logo elements focus on the cone-shaped bottleneck, indicating that the tree-shaped rune-like symbol of SNÅSA is a symbol of guardianship and good luck.




In addition, the design team also invited the author to create a poem about water. The back of each bottle is filled with a paragraph in the verse, which is perhaps the most romantic bottled water in the world.





Award: First Prize in Spirits
Brand: Hellstrøm Sommer Aquavit
Designer: OlssønBarbieri


Hellstrøm Sommer is a shochu distilled from Norwegian local herbs and algae, including the Hellstrøm Sommer Aquavit, a Norwegian spirits line by Michelin-starred chef Eyvind Hellstrøm. The modern packaging design is complemented by the use of non-traditional ingredients in this wine, while delivering a fantasy that embraces Norway's short summer.



Inspired by pagan mythology, combined with the Norwegian Midsummer Night of June 24th - Midsummer is the longest day of the year, and people believe that the herbs and flowers collected this night have the most powerful power. So in order to help feel the magic and "potions", the new packaging uses a green glass.



The bottle is filled with elements of the midsummer night myth: seaweed, flowers, herbs, caterpillars and butterflies, symbolizing the magical awakening of life and nature. It seems that a fantasy journey has been carried out on the green canvas, and the liquid contained in it has an unknown magical power.



Award: Second Prize in Spirits
Brand: Lone Wolf Spirits
Designer: B&B Studio


Lone Wolf is the new line of spirits of the maverick brewer BrewDog, using a purely handcrafted process. In order to highlight the purity of the product and emphasize the unique spirit of the brand, the exclusive design of the pressure vase is equipped with a detachable label and a special silicone belt, which is pure and very advanced.




From the original meaning of the name, Lone Wolf clearly expressed the brand's identity as an "outsider" in the spirits industry. It abandons the “tradition” of all spirits, such as vodka, gin and whiskey in the same design bottle, with a transparent bottle with white stickers, simple lines and vintage fonts. The unique design language tells the brand's independence and style.





Awards: Home / Garden / Pets First Prize
Brand: CS Light Bulbs
Designer: Angelina Pischikova


Edison dreams of creating a cold light bulb. He has been observing fireflies and believes that humans can follow suit and come up with similar inventions. Now, when no one is surprised by the presence of LED lights, CS Light Bulbs' new packaging takes the dream of the great inventor into reality and pays homage to creativity.



Inspired by the textbooks of the Early 20th Century Physics and Entomology Yearbook, CS Light Bulbs combines modern "cold light bulbs" with insect images, using different shapes of light bulbs to match the body contours of various insects, allowing creativity and science in packaging design. Presented simultaneously.




Awards: Game/Toy/Sports/Entertainment First Prize
Brand: Plankejens
Designer: Studiogeist


Plankejens (Norway version of PlankJohn) is a Scandinavian toy manufacturer whose products are inspired by the toys of their grandparents in childhood.




This wooden toy consists of splicable modules that connect to childhood memories of different ages by hand-making and building their own unique means of transportation. The retro color scheme and the modern wooden appearance shape design can not only arouse the nostalgic feelings of the older generation, but also attract the children's curiosity and play.




Awards: Game / Toy / Sports / Entertainment Second Prize
Brand: Masterpieces Never Sleep!
Designer: Shuba Gift Factory


When night falls and the museum is empty, the works of art remain awake and remain gazing in the dark. Until the day slowly lit up, they still did not close their eyes and carefully observed the movement around them.




Using the eyes of the characters in the painting as a pattern on the eye mask will probably ensure that the wearer sees the real masterpiece in his dreams! The characters in the painting will remain awake and guard your sleep.




Awards: Game / Toy / Sports / Entertainment Third Prize
Brand: Otsuchi Sashiko Box
Designer: 6Sense.inc


"Otsuchi Sashiko" is a Japanese traditional folk embroidery brand established in Ogaki-machi as a reconstruction project after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. Continue to make new products, continue to adhere to the embroidery project, and continue to develop. This is the simple and firm life wisdom that was precipitated in Ogaki-cho in the seven years after the disaster.




For the town people who are famous for their fisheries, they are proud of the sea. On the other hand, the natural disasters that have been brought to the opposite side of the sea have made them understand the preciousness of life. Otsuchi Sashiko Box is like a piece of art from the sea. The surface of the box is engraved with lines that represent the waves. In the box is a piece of Japanese culture made by artisans.




Packaging design is the "egg" in shopping. Even if it is not the theme of consumption, it can add countless surprises and fun to life. Every item is treated with tenderness, and every detail of the design is injected into the faith. When you walk into a convenience store, you can also encounter the moment when the flash of light shines. This is probably only the romance of the consumer era.


Text/ Pak banana.
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