Step up and step into the cloud of maze: Tokyo Tree House Gallery, Tree-ness House

Anything created by human beings is already in the great book of nature.——Antoni Gaudí i Cornet

The association of the word "natural" is the arc of high and low, or soft and organic lines; however, unlike most people's impression of "nature", Japanese architectsHirata Akira(Akihisa Hirata)ThenThe line-shaped lines are cut and combined into a large tree, and the "Tree-ness House" is built in Tokyo. Hirata Hiroshi, who worked for eight years at the famous Japanese architect Ito Kazuo,LoveA tree structure that is intertwined, counting the roots, stems, branches, and flowers of a tree, as well as the lichens, insects, birds, and animals that are attached to the trees. The love of the tree, the nuances of the life fascinated by it, Hiroshi Hirata through the Tree-ness House.

The basic body of the building is a square, and then divided into three elements: box, wrinkles and tree planting. Look at the details of the building, such as cutting the edge of the box, folding it outward along the edge of the tangent, letting the body resemble a flower that blooms in one side, and put the plant in the block space created by the chamfer, one by one. It is simple to complete.and Tree-ness House overallIt is an urban tree house made up of several measuring units. It uses green plants and mosaics to fill the space between the white bodies. The intertwined branches contain many lush vitality and create unique indoor space. sense.The exterior of the building, built with concrete, with white steps and window sills, has become a business-like landscape in the greenery.

If the growth of the same tree takes many years,Tree-ness House It also takes many years to complete. a homeowner with three galleries,It wants to create a white showroom that is different from the general gallery; after years of discussion and planning,Hirata Akira finallyDesigned this urban tree house with intricate patterns, the first floor is an art gallery, and the top seven floors are planned to be used for home space.

Like a big tree in the city, Tree-ness House Simulate the stretched foliage with a misplaced volume and use the white space to accommodate the life in it. In this detail-filled building, whether it is a plant that hangs from the window or a person who lives in it, it entrusts the daily living to the gap of stone gray; when breathing and breathing, life is accompanied by the image of organic and life. Quietly unfolding.

All Images Courtesy of Akihisa Hirata Architecture.

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